10 reasons it’s okay to be brutal

10 Reasons it is okay to be brutal

Hey guys, I am back with a new blog and this one is my 10 reasons that it is okay to be brutal in society. In terms of being brutal, I am referring to behaviour and defending yourself in society. I feel like we are always told just to ignore the nastiness you receive from people and from experience ignoring it doesn’t make it go away ever. In this blog, I will list 10 reasons I feel it is okay to be brutal and I would love to know what you think in the comments. I would also love to know what you think when it comes to being brutal and whether you have had to be brutal in order to help yourself. Let’s get right into the list.

Here we go:

  • It gets you the right people in your life because those who cannot handle it will go away
  • You are protecting your own mental health
  • Some people just don’t get the message or take hints
  • Sometimes you have to be selfish in life to get what you need
  • You end up being so honest
  • It can make you stronger as a person
  • Everyone has their breaking point and you are allowed to push back if you are getting mistreated
  • Life isn’t all positives and sometimes you just need to let out some steam
  • It can make you more confident in expressing yourself
  • Hate will never win if you hit it where it hurts

This was my 10 reasons why being brutal is okay guys. Thank you for reading and supporting my content as always. I would love to read any feedback comments as well as your own experiences with being brutal. Have a great day.






16 thoughts on “10 reasons it’s okay to be brutal

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I need to learn to be more forward and brutal for the sake of my own health. Listening to the opinions of others, specifically those who might now know better, is eating me alive.

    Thank you for sharing 😀

  2. I have long talked about how society wants to only hear about “positive emotions”. Personally, I think “positivity” is utter and complete bullcrap. I am not a negative person. I know that circumstances can improve, and I also know that just because they may be difficult in that moment, they may not be difficult forever. However, I also know the value of grief. I know the value of expressing “negative feelings”. I know that sometimes, maybe even for months on end, you may be sad, angry, lost, confused, forlorn – and that is all you can express. You cannot express happiness or see a positive outcome or think about it will all come together. You’re hurting. People should be allowed to grieve for as long as they need. People should be allowed to remain in the middle of their negative emotions, without judgment, until they have healed.

  3. Yeah society does my head in. I’d rather have realism than just solely positivity especially with everything I’ve been through. I’ve had good days and loads of horrific days and I will always take more strength from the bad days

  4. I loved this post ~ totally on point! People now days, in general (not everyone), but the majority of people are just hateful and have ugly hearts. Yes, I learned how to be brutal and take up for me.
    I cannot handle those types of people. We are on the same wave length because I just revised my first blog about people ugly hearts. I left a link on your Twitter bc I’m following you there and here as well. Please follow me and comment please! Thanks.

  5. I agree – sometimes it’s important to be brutal and stand up for yourself 🙂

  6. I agree to an extent. I guess it’s all in the delivery of being brutal and the situation too. Given the nature of my work, unfortunately, I couldn’t get away with being brutal in a work setting. But in terms of my personal life, sometimes brutal is necessary to be rid of toxic people in our lives.

    Great post and fab topic 🙂

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