Gaming and Mental Health

Gaming and Mental Health
Everyone has different hobbies that aid them in their mental health struggles. For some, it’s things like drawing or writing whereas for me one of my main ways to deal with my problems was to play video games.

Over the years I’ve always enjoyed playing video games. This started off in childhood when I played games such as Super Mario, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. as time has gone on this moved on to others such as Fifa and Call of Duty games as well as some games on websites such as Candy Crush. I found that with these games my mind was constantly occupied and I also found myself smiling more because I could enjoy games with my friends as well as progressing with them on my own when people were busy. Over time gaming on a daily basis helped me grow more as a person just by interacting with people and being sociable.
It is now 2017 and I am at the peak of my mental health and barely finding myself struggling. Most days I am completely fine and even those days where I have little blips I find them easier to deal with as I can just play a video game to take my mind off of things. I mainly play Crash Bandicoot Remastered as well as Fifa 17 currently as I want to become better at Fifa and Crash Bandicoot was a childhood favourite of mines so I want to keep enjoying that for years to come.
This is only a short little blog about the help gaming gave me in my fights with my depression and anxiety. I would encourage anyone who has the spare time and access to a console such as PS4 and Xbox One or a PC as gaming can be such an effective way to develop as a person and improve on your mental health.
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