How To Recover From Making Mistakes

How to Recover From Making Mistakes
Mistakes can vary in size rather massively but always remember that every single person alive makes mistakes. This blog will be about how to recover from making mistakes when they happen so that you avoid unnecessary stress which can lead to your mental health issues becoming bigger. I hope I can help you with my experiences.

For me, there are 3 types of mistake. These are:
Accidental mistakes-Mistakes caused by misunderstandings
Forced mistakes-When too much pressure is put on you that you completely crumble under it
Emotional mistakes-Mistakes caused by high tension with someone you care about
I’ve been through all of these types of mistake before and the aftermath has left me so annoyed because I’m always someone who looks to get things 100% right. Like me, you have to realise that nobody is perfect therefore things can’t be correct 100% of the time. This one piece of advice can stop both forced mistakes and emotional mistakes because you won’t put as much pressure on yourself if you accept your own flaws and you can deal with tension more calmly if you accept what mistake you made and learn from it while moving on. If the person doesn’t let you move on from your mistake then I would strongly recommend giving yourself space until the situation boils over.
Accidental mistakes are fairly easy to prevent too. These can be dealt with by just making sure if you don’t understand what someone means, you ask them to explain it more clearly instead of just assuming what they mean. If you ask them they tend to feel reassured that you can ask them about anything when you are unsure and within friendships, relationships or on the day to day activities such as basic things like shopping or with family.
I hope with this blog I have aided you in dealing with mistakes much more easily. I want to help everyone prevent mental health problems and this is just one little way I can provide knowledge.
Thank you for reading.

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