How Travel Can Help You Mentally

How Travel Can Help You Mentally
Throughout my battle with depression I tried all different methods of trying to deal with the thousands of horrific thoughts going on inside my head. Eventually I thought instead of just sitting around maybe going a little wander somewhere would do the trick. I used to just use my days off to go little places around Glasgow or even outside of the city. Some people may misunderstand that travelling has to mean long distance and to other cities or countries etc but it absolutely doesn’t. It can mean such simple things like even a walk across a few towns or even a half hour bus or train journey.

For me the list of places I have now been is very,very long. I am yet to go abroad and have rarely travelled down to England but I’ve been in so many places in Scotland now and the key thing that I can say about how beneficial travelling can be is that you give yourself an incredible amount of space just by leaving your home and shutting the front door. You can discover so many new, interesting places and learn so much about them. The new information can make you feel like the journey is so worth it and the fact you’ve made the journey despite feeling horrible is something you can be proud of yourself for because it takes real strength to face the world when you’re down and you’ve managed to.
I just battle my travel sickness to achieve what I did so if you can find the inner strength and courage to open up your world and visit new places it’ll be a great experience. It doesn’t always have to be with friends or family either. Sometimes just being on your own while going a walk and easing off your thoughts is the best thing you can do. I tried this and it worked so I highly recommend this if you are struggling and require a new method of dealing with your struggles.
Just remember, you’re a fighter and I’m proud of you. You’ve got this.
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