Mental Health and I

Mental Health and I
Life for me has never been that easy. I dealt with a lot growing up from an early age and over time this destroyed me. Only my closest ever friends and partner have seen all of the scars and damage I suffered over the years. Only within the last year, I became confident enough to open up to anyone properly. This was an even bigger deal for me because of my Asperger’s too as I struggled to put feelings into words. For anyone who has never had any mental health issues, just imagine hating everything about your life and about yourself. That is what not only myself but also many others suffered from and some still do. It is terrifying to live knowing you hate yourself. For me, I’ve been lucky enough to find the good in my life but some are less fortunate and suffer much more sinister consequences such as self-harm and even suicide.

I firmly believe that I can help people with their struggles but I shouldn’t be the only one. Everyone should look out for those who are struggling. You can make such a difference to the person and potentially save a life. If that’s not an achievement to you then I don’t know what would be. Even take a few minutes out of your day to check up on social media looking out for people who are revealing their struggles or just feeling down. If you do this then you could be showing someone they matter and that is such a massive thing that will mean something forever.
My DMs on Twitter and Facebook will always be open to everyone so if ever you feel down and just need to talk to anyone I am always here for you all. I hate seeing people suffer so I’d pick every single person alive up and heal them if I could. Unfortunately, I can’t help every single person so others please join me in doing so as it’s important to look out for others. Every single person that helps out is making a contribution to fixing someone’s mental health so always make sure the person helping is you. You’ll never look back on it with regret as you could potentially make a new friend for life and that’s the best for everyone.

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