Why I Blog

Why I Blog
August has been a pretty good month so far. Full of ups and feel good moments. A lot of these have came from the start of my blogging. At first I thought nobody would even bother to check out my blogs and I was just so nervous. I’m only 11 days into things and already so confident in what I do.

I blog mainly because I’ve been through so many tough times and I finally feel brave enough to share my experiences with everyone on social media. I am proud of myself for this because I used to hide absolutely everything from everyone as I didn’t want to bother them with my sadness. I learned to be open as it can save you from a mental breakdown. Always look for someone to talk to as it can be so important.
Another reason I blog is that I feel strong enough to help others using my experiences and it will make me so proud to see so many others fight their mental health battles. Everyone deserves to come through their battles and I feel like me sharing my battles can show others that there is hope for them and that they aren’t alone. I hope that others just like me will speak out and help others with their struggles as they can make such a massive difference in lives of others just by showing them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Another reason I blog is that I want everyone to know the real me. My life has been far from easy and I don’t want anyone to be confused about me at all. I want people to know all about things I’ve been through because I’m comfortable talking about them and I want others to feel that way too. Nothing about my blogs will ever be me looking for compliments or sympathy because that’s just not me at all. The support I’ve had so far has been nothing short of incredible though and I will always appreciate all of it.
My last reason for blogging is that I wanted another hobby to try out and this just happens to bring out the creative freedom I know I was capable of. I’ve been feeling like I had to try something new and this was it for me. Blogging is meant to be fun and for me, it is just loads of fun and hopefully always will be.
This was just a short little blog for tonight and there will be so much more to come. Thank you for reading guys. I hope you enjoy my blogs.

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