Effective Ways to Save Money

Effective Ways to Save Money
So, guys, money can always be a problem. It is also a problem that leads to so much stress. I am someone with a low income but I still manage to have money left over. I am here to say how I do this so that you can also be stress-free and have some money left too.

The first way I save money is by setting myself a budget for each week. This can vary depending on what is needed but I keep things as tight as I can so that I don’t spend recklessly on anything. The best way to do this is by taking notes on a piece of paper of what you’ll need that week such as food or travel etc and calculate the total of that. Once that has been done, set the resulting figure as the budget for the week and that way you won’t overspend.
The second way I save is by shopping around in different places looking for the cheaper alternative. Sometimes there is much cheaper places to buy things. Food is a classic example of this especially in supermarkets as they look to undercut each other every single day. Making trips to them all instead of just going to an Asda or Tesco means you can analyse and find the cheapest versions of what you are looking for. Even with things such as deodorants and gifts you will be better off looking in multiple places. If you do this you will tend to find things that are so much cheaper than where you normally get them and this can be extra cash saved away for something better and less stress for you when it’s closer to payday.
The third way I save is by finding the cheapest way to travel. For me getting a bus is normally the cheapest way to get anywhere as I am making more than one journey most of the time. Even when I was at college the bus may have taken a lot longer to get there than the train but just saving a lot more money was more worth it than the extra half hour in bed. Even car users always find the quickest way to get places and try to cut mileage where possible as this will save you a lot on petrol.
The fourth way I save is by not going on nights out. I used to go out a lot therefore spend so much money in nightclubs. If you enjoy a night out always look for the cheapest places to go and when you do set yourself a spending limit as this will save you so much money as well as making your hangovers a little less painful. If there is an option for night buses home from where your night out is use them instead of taxis. Even for me the bus was £2.30 and only took 20 mins whereas a taxi was always £12/13. Even with taxis, a good way to save is by walking a part of your journey as you’ll also save a few pounds here and there this way. My friends and I used to always walk about 30/40 mins of the journey and this would turn those £12/13 taxis down to £7 or £8 at most.
The fifth and final way I save my money is by being content with what I currently have. It is the common trend to always want the newest trending phones or cars etc but you shouldn’t always follow the trend. Phones, in particular, are super expensive these days and even though I have an older Samsung phone from a couple of years ago it does the job for me and it is like 15/20% of the price of the newest models. With cars, if it gets you from A to B that is all you need so why go wasting money on a car just because it’s new and looks nice?
I hope I have explained all of the best ways to save money effectively and by using them you’ll save yourself not only money but stress and worries too.
Thanks for reading and supporting my content guys.

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