Being with someone who has mental health problems

Being with someone who has mental health problems
Dealing with your own mental health issues can be problematic enough but sometimes in life you need to face your partner’s problems with them. Here is my experience of being with someone who suffers from mental health problems.

Well I have been with my girlfriend Sophie for 7 months now and she has been absolutely amazing for me. She has made my life so much better and this has been even more amazing because of her issues with depression and anxiety. As you can imagine it isn’t always easy as her mood can be up and down so much but like me if your partner suffers from these issues you need to stick by them so much and hold them together 24/7 regardless of how hard they try to push you away.
Another thing you need to be is stubborn but in the way that everytime they badmouth themselves because of how rubbish they feel, you just need to tell them how great they are and how they mean so much to you. I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing people that are close to me self harm and it is utterly heartbreaking. The best thing you can do is make so much time for them where you can no matter who it pushes them ahead of in your priorities. The way I see it is that if your partner is struggling, true friends understand this and will be willing to step aside to let you do what you have to do with your partner.
Another thing to do is help them deal with their anxiety like I have. Anytime my girlfriend has an idea that she doubts, I have explained to her how great the idea is. You should do this every single time as it will build up their confidence in themselves. Eventually they will have a more positive mindset and have so much self belief and this will make you feel so proud of them and make your relationship grow.
The final thing I suggest is that you never think too far into the future when discussing things with them as this will only cause them anxiety. At times they will become anxious and ask you if you wanna be with them forever and you need to make them believe that you are there forever. My girlfriend asks me a lot and it’s not because she doesn’t trust me, it’s just her anxiety taking over and the fact she cares so much about me is a massive part of this.
I hope my experiences with my girlfriend’s mental health issues can help you with your partner as well as making your relationships last.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. It is incredibly admirable that you stand by her and all that reassurance you give her. I wish if more men read this as you are leading by example.

  2. I used to have this mindset that being in a relationship would help me with everything in my life, but I have learned it comes down to me. I am the one in charge of my own happiness and being positive. Sure, being in a relationship the both of each other should bring the best out of each other and be there for one another but I stopped making the person I am with feel they need to please me and reassure me all the time about everything. I have to have more faith in myself and Iā€™m working on it. Thank you for sharing this šŸ™‚ All the best with you and your girlfriend!

      1. It’s amazing that you are able to do that for your partner. Having patience is very important when having a relationship (intimate and friendship) with anyone dealing with any type of mental issues. Great post!

  3. Amazing that you can be there for each other. I suffer badly with anxiety at times and push people away. My husband also suffers with anxiety at times and is the opposite. And if we’re anxious together (which is really rare!) it’s a nightmare. Luckily though it’s never too bad for either of us and our son keeps us strong.
    So glad you have someone that supports you xxx

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience.
    I’ve been in a relationship with someone who has mental health and it really effected me and us as a couple.
    We are still friends but I find it hard to let go because I’m worried about him.
    Your advice has been so helpful, wish I read this sooner. x

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