Blog Recognition Award Nominee

Blog Recognition Award Nominee
So funny thing I learned of when I woke up was that I was nominated for a Blog Recognition Award.

Who Nominated me?
I was nominated for this award by  Debatably Dateable. is where to find her wonderfully put together blogs. If you love poetry you will absolutely love her blogs and her dating blog makes for a very interesting read. I strongly recommend that you check out her blog.
My advice for new bloggers
My first piece of advice for new bloggers is that you blog about what you find most interesting to you. If you show how passionate you are about the blogs you write, people will notice this immediately and want to read more of your creative work.
My second piece of advice is to not worry about view counts and follower counts. If you just focus on your content these will come naturally with time. I remember from my Youtube days I made myself sick with worrying about the numbers whereas if I hadn’t done this I would probably have had much better content with much higher view counts.
Why and how I started my blog
I started my blog because I felt like doing something new and I felt that with my experiences of mental health issues I could help others avoid the struggles I went through. I know how bad I felt and that would horrify me to see anyone in the world go through it therefore I wanted to do my bit in helping others fight off depression, anxiety and all of those horrible thoughts that people can have.
I started out on August 1st on Blogger but on the 16th August I decided to switch over to WordPress based on the advice I was given by other bloggers who had used the site and strongly recommended it too.
My Nominees for this award

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Steps to take as you accept the award

  1. Write about how and why you started blogging.
  2. Mention the person who nominated you and write a short description about them.
  3. Choose 15 other bloggers for a nomination for this award.
  4. Write 2 different pieces of advice for new bloggers.
  5. Let the people you have nominated know about you nominating them and send a link to your blog post.


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