Christmas Presents and Wants-2016 to 2017

Christmas Presents and Wants 2016 to 2017
I know it’s a bit early to be talking about Christmas but I thought I’d do a little blog about how I was mentally at Christmas last year and how I want to be mentally by Christmas this year.

Last year was a very interesting one for me. My gifts consisted of a lot of PS4 games and clothes. It was like this because I felt like I had already had everything I needed therefore I never had a clue what to tell people when they asked me what I wanted or was interested in. Mentally I was very average. My moods had been up and down a lot and my anxiety was so bad because I never knew how my 2017 was gonna go. At the time I had no close friends and no picture of what I wanted to do. I was considering going back into making Youtube content but I felt like I’d only have been doing that because I was alone and had to do something to pass the time during the day. I also suffered a few sickness issues because of my stomach over Christmas and unfortunately the worst of these were on Christmas Day. All I could was lie down in bed for most of the day and I fell asleep at 8pm. It’s not like I am an old man or anything I was 22 at the time but that’s how unwell I was.
That was 2016 Christmas summed up and now onto the present day and 2017’s Christmas.
Currently I am in the best mental state I’ve ever been in. This has happened because I have such an amazing person in my life and I’ve began to believe so much more in myself and what I’m capable of. My blog was only started because of how much I believe in myself and how confident I am to speak up now. I have even been picking up a few job interviews here and there unlike before and this has also helped my confidence so much. I haven’t managed to pick up a job yet but I feel closer than ever to it and I know I will never give up until I get one. Another reason I am better than ever is that I haven’t had to deal with too much drama this year. Trust me one big tip of advice I can give anyone who doesn’t handle stress well is to avoid drama or people that cause drama like the plague. It’s not healthy for you. Once I freed myself from the drama I’ve just got more and more motivated. These days my life just involves my girlfriend, my mum and sister, continuous job hunting and creating my blogs. It may sound so basic and with very few people but trust me it can be so rewarding that I can put so much more time into everything as I don’t need to juggle 8 million priorities.
By Christmas this year I will hopefully be working and the only other things I want are to stay well, keep improving mentally to reach an even higher peak, help others become better mentally, have an amazing time with my girlfriend and family and reach out to even more people with my blogs. I have had an amazing amount of views in the short time I have been blogging and I thank you all so much for that.
I hope you all have a wonderful last 4 months of 2017 and all become happy.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I am so glad to hear about your positive mental state!
    Fingers crossed that you find yourself a job and are feeling just as happy for the Christmas season 🙂
    Dani x

  2. Never too early to talk about Christmas in my book Paul haha.
    I am so glad you’re feeling more confident in yourself. I totally agree about freeing yourself from people that come with drama. Friends that make you feel anything less than amazing you don’t need.
    I hope 2017 Christmas will be the best and 2018 continues to be good for you xxx

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