How School Exam Results Aren't Everything

How School Exam Results Aren’t Everything
I hated exams. I used to be a fairly hate free person but my god, exams were top of the loathe list. When I was in my 4th year at high school I was already suffering pretty badly from stress, anxiety and depression. I used to feel like I never fitted in at school at all and I wanted out of there from the second the bell rang. My prelims were a disaster in 4th year. I failed 4 of them and scraped a pass on the others. I just wasn’t me at all and teachers began to say I’d fail my exams instead of actually helping me.

I was still a mess by the time my exams came around and all I kept thinking was about what my teachers said about me failing. Every time I had an exam I just wanted it over and done with. When August came around and I got great results and all passes I was so amazed because I genuinely believed that I had failed.
5th year was a completely different end result though. I really made such a mess of my exams and my head was an even bigger mess. On the first day of the summer holidays though things changed. I was so exhausted mentally and decided to just rest up all summer. Sadly on this same day I woke up to the news that my Great Gran had died at 96 years old. I was upset but her death sparked a fire in me to go and do her proud in my final year of high school.
6th year for me went a great deal better than 5th year. My exam results weren’t so bad at all compared to the disaster I previously had. I at least passed the exams I sat and finished school looking a little better. Obviously I wasn’t one of the super genius kids who barely had to study to do well but I know I’m far from stupid. All I’m saying is that after school, even if you have less than perfect results you really shouldn’t stress at all.
There is plenty of options out there so never panic over what to do next. I went to college for 3 years. I studied Accounting for a year then moved college to do Business for 2 years. Just at college alone there’s so many options on what you can do. You can take the subject you achieved the best result at and go upgrading your knowledge on that or use something completely new. Other things consist of taking a break to refresh and clear your thoughts before moving into work or more studying or by looking for an apprenticeship where you can learn at college while working. I sometimes wish I had chosen an apprenticeship over college as my lack of work experience is costing me just now but regardless of what you choose to do, don’t worry because it will all work out and you’ll find what’s right for you. Just because you don’t go to University or get paid £100000 a year doesn’t make you any worse than those people who do. Your path is just different so go and follow it.
Thanks for reading, follow your dreams.

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  1. “You can take the subject you achieved the best result at and go upgrading your knowledge on that or use something completely new. ” Totally agree with these words. Beautifully written. Keep it up! I

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