Living With Anxiety

Living With Anxiety
This was always gonna be a big blog for me to do as it’s based on such an important topic that everyone absolutely has to understand. The topic of anxiety is always a tough one to talk about because it’s not just my own experiences I think of. I have known so many more people who have suffered from anxiety at one time or another.

For me living with anxiety has been tough. It’s so bad sometimes even now when I am currently at the best state I have been in my entire life. Anxiety makes you ask yourself so many questions and make you doubt yourself when you absolutely shouldn’t. I will be so happy if a day comes where nobody has to suffer from anxiety. It is so damaging and nobody deserves to suffer from it. I always used to ask myself whether I was good enough and it took away my confidence so much. Even now at interviews I panic so much sometimes because I’m always unsure whether I make a good impression or not.
With other people I have been told loads of different things about their experiences yet I can always relate so much because I’ve been through a lot of them or at least seen other people go through them. I hope we can all help each other deal with anxiety as it causes so much stress and worry that we lose ourselves trying to fight it alone. I used to suffer worst when I was out in a large group of people. I used to question whether I fitted in at all and no matter how many times I was told that I did, I could never believe them. Now that I’m never on nights out I don’t feel like that at all and sometimes some space is all you need. Just either take breaks to yourself or get close to one person and spend some time with them. Little things like that can help you open up and get proper help from those who understand you.
I definitely have that now because my girlfriend has been my rock from day one and she’s far better than even she believes. We help each other out so much with our anxiety and that’s what all couples should do. Even if you are single never worry because if you look hard enough in the right places you will find who you need most and they’ll bring a better side of you out.
Always be available to help someone with anxiety.
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