Getting help from the right people

Getting help from the right people
There is so many ways to get help with mental health issues these days and that in itself is a wonderful thing. The problem is that a way that works for other people might not work for you. I am going to talk about some of the ways to get help with your mental health issues and talk about what I done in order to become who I am today.

The first way I found help was through a partner. Relationships are a very strong way of finding help because your partner’s love can be so much stronger than anything else. I also found that speaking about my issues to a partner made our trust for each other stronger as well as having the strong support that allowed me to open up and heal my emotional wounds. I’ve been in my relationship for nearly 8 months now and not only is this my longest relationship by far, it is also the one I’ve had the strongest emotional connection in with my partner and we both work wonders for each other’s mental health because we believe so much in each other’s character and strengths.
The second way to get better is by going to see a professional doctor. They can recommend so many ways to get better and small changes to make that can take away some of the problems you face. I personally didn’t use this way because I’m not very good at opening up to people I don’t know so I stuck to other methods. However, I know of many others who have used this method and it has worked wonders for their lives. Sometimes this can involve the use of medication but I’ve always said that if it has to be taken there’s a good chance it can help you.
The third way to get better is by talking to your friends. This can very good too as it tests whether you have the right friends in your life. Sometimes if you talk to someone and you spot how little interest they show in your problems or how little they try to help you, it is a sign that you really need rid of them. Sometimes just talking to new people can work wonders for you and gives your life the freshness it needs. Sometimes you just aren’t meant to be friends with people for the long term and that is completely okay. Remember that your life is a journey and sometimes the route has to change along the way. You won’t just live it all by going in a straight line, sometimes you have to turn back and find new roads to take. This can mean new friends, partners or even just a new you.
The fourth way is by spending close time with family. This can be just with who you live with or by visiting other members of family. Sometimes just spending time with them every once in a while can make you open up to them and they can help you so much. I didn’t use this as much because I’m very distant from my family down to so many things like being busy and some family members staying on the other side of Glasgow or outside of Glasgow.
The fifth and final way is by just relying on yourself. I know this can be difficult but sometimes the issue is trying to open up to people you just aren’t comfortable with. I strongly recommend this way as you can just think about the things you are good at and analyse your situation and see where things are going wrong. Once this has been done you can start taking notes on these issues and find ways to work on them. It may take time but recovering from mental health issues isn’t an overnight thing. I’ve took 4 years to go from my worst to my absolute best and there are still some days where I feel really bad. I can deal with them so much better now though thanks to the methods I have discussed in this blog and I hope you can learn from these too. I can’t wait to see you all recover from your battles.
Thanks for reading, good luck in your recoveries.

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  1. Really good and sound advice Paul. Great to encourage others to reach out when struggling with mental ill health. Sometimes itโ€™s the hardest thing, but certainly the most important thing to do.

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