Living With Aspergers

Living With Aspergers
Having Asperger’s Syndrome has been one of the toughest things in my life. I have had the disability for my entire life and it affects me on a daily basis. In this blog I will discuss how it affects me.

When I was younger I absolutely couldn’t handle my condition. I was outcasted so much in primary school because of the fact I had a learning support worker in the class. Being picked on for being different sucked so much so as you can imagine I was fairly isolated and alone from an early age. I was also bullied so much because of this too. Being called “special” or “downie” by other kids when you are so young is damaging and to be honest sometimes I still get hurt thinking about what I went through back then.
When my mum and dad split up I was only 6 years old. As you can imagine with everything going on at school I was distressed enough already. People need to understand that people with Asperger’s need a set routine. Any changes to a routine can cause so much stress and panic. I was a serial sufferer of stress whenever my routine changed and even to this day I still get stressed when a plan or routine change.
The frustrating thing for me is that barely anyone has ever tried to understand my condition. I’ve had people try to treat me like they would with anyone else. The main problem with this is that I react so differently to other people and I am so bad with wording how I feel. For years I couldn’t even put how I feel into words so I feel like I have made such massive amounts of progress with that. It just frustrates me that anyone can be dumb enough to say I’m a monster or a bad person when in actual fact I’ve just horrifically misworded something and clearly it’s accidental.
I hope you have enjoyed my blogs so far. This one may sound like more of a rant than the rest and I apologise for that. I just hate how little information people research sometimes so I would love for you all to learn about this condition if you haven’t already.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I can only imagine the stress of your parents splitting up put on you. Back and forth and different routine and rules at each house. Iā€™m currently struggling with this with my daughter. Also encouraging her to know that she has been given a wonderful gift.

  2. Ive just followed hope your doing gr8 now. my wee boy is the same with routine if we change anything it freaks him out we are going on our first family holiday in oct which is amazing considering this was unthinkable a year ago great to see someone on the spectrum doing so well long may it continue all the best m8 Malky HH

  3. Hello! Fellow Aspie blogger here šŸ™‚ Your elementary experience sounds much like my middle school experience. It was weird, I was actually good at blending in and hiding my deficits in elementary (although social issues did creep up from time to time, but no one suspected anything like HF autism back then), but when I got to middle school I started feeling like I was left way behind because I just started seeming weirder and weirder in comparison to others my age.

  4. Asperger itself doesn’t really bother me. It’s the comorbidities that go along with it; social anxiety, general anxiety, a tendency for depression, ocd, stomach aches, insomnia, and rage attacks.
    Learning self-defense can help with violent bullying, but it doesn’t help against other kinds of bullying or with being an outcast. It was damaging for me too, not knowing I had Asperger and not understanding why I was different from other kids. It has an effect on your self-esteem and self-confidence. I wasn’t bullied much in school because it was a girls school and because I pretty much kept to myself anyway. I didn’t mind the isolated. I like animals’ company better than humans. But I was bullied a whole lot after school, mostly in the many jobs I’ve had.

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