Living With Pets

Living With Pets
I’ve grown up in a family with loads of pets. I’ve had goldfish, hamsters and now I have a cat. At the current time I still have 2 hamsters as well as the cat who we have had in the house for nearly 3 months now. You may wonder where this all fits in with mental health but I am about to show you.

An example of how pets can help mental health is by speaking to them if nobody else is there. It may sound a bit crazy but whenever I’m home alone I just speak to the cat or hamsters when they aren’t sleeping and it makes me feel so much better if they respond or come and sit beside me if it’s the cat or with the hamsters sometimes I say their names and they come up onto their little cage platforms and look up at me.
I used to always go and visit my gran when I was younger and she had her dog too and he came up beside me and cuddled into me or I played with his toys with him. This used to make me smile so much especially when I went to visit after a stressful day at school. Her cat also used to wake me up on a Saturday morning when I stayed over on the Friday and even the cat used to wake me up so early to play with her. I used to be sitting eating my toast and drinking my tea and she would come up beside me after being fed in the morning so it was like we all had breakfast as a tight, little family.
Another great way to take your mind off of things as a pet owner is by taking them a walk. I know this is probably exclusive for dog walkers but even with pets that can go outside just walk around the garden with them or even around the house and you’ll feel a little better. I used to let my hamsters that I had before the current 2 walk about on my bed and it was fun just watching her look around curiously to what was on my bed and around my room.
I definitely recommend getting pets at some point of your life but obviously only do it if you have the money to do it or the time to look after them. Getting pets has made me feel so much better on so many occasions and as much as it was my sister’s idea a lot of the time to get a pet in the first place, I thank her so much for doing it because they’ve always lifted the mood in our home.
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  1. The benefits of having a pet/pets are without a doubt endless! I talk to my dog too, so I don’t see anything wrong with that 😛 I even call him sweetheart 😛 Lol. I can’t explain it, but having a pet (especially a dog) is good for the soul!

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