Lack of Sleep with Depression-How to Cope

Lack of Sleep with Depression-How to Cope
This won’t be the longest blog I’ve ever done but that’s because I wanna get straight down to helping you guys. This blog will be about ways to help you deal with a lack of sleep when you’ve been suffering from depression or any other mental health issue. It can be incredibly tough but I hope I can help you guys find ways to cope.

For me I’ve suffered pretty badly with sleep issues since I was 16 which was 7 years ago now. I couldn’t cope at all through the first few months of this. I was pretty fed up with so much of my life and the things in it and the frustration didn’t help at all. I lay up at night just thinking of what could change or what could have been and this demoralised me so much. Right now I am probably sleeping as great as I ever have with many nights of getting at least 6 or 7 hours sleep which is so much more than I used to get. I used to do college and my nights out and any other socialising on 2/3 hours a night on average of sleep. Don’t ask how because even now I still don’t know.
Anyway that’s enough about my background, onto the coping methods.
The first way is by just simply shutting out all thoughts about negative situations in your life. These can be dealt with when the time comes but when you need rest isn’t the time so just do your best to think about the good times as this will relax you so much that sleeping is easier.
Another way is by not forcing yourself to try and sleep unless you are beyond exhausted. I used to be bad for sleeping too quickly and all it done was make me really shaky and unable to get comfortable in bed. The best thing to do is keep yourself occupied until you feel like you can just fall into bed and fall asleep very quickly. This may mean staying up a lot longer but you will feel fresher for it if you don’t get frustrated or have an interrupted sleep where you wake up 4 or 5 times just because your body isn’t tired enough to sleep all the way through the night.
Another way is by avoiding energy drinks or coffee and other high caffeine foods or drink. I used to drink a lot of energy drinks like Lucozade and no matter how much energy I used I still couldn’t sleep because my body was just full of caffeine and this is also so unhealthy for you.
Another way is by switching off your phone at night. You can be so easily distracted by it at the sound of every single notification and this can also be very annoying. Normally the notifications can wait til the morning so why even bother knowing about it until the morning? Sleep is more important than social media notifications so they can absolutely wait.
Another thing I do is to carry out an activity before bedtime that makes you relax. This could something basic like going a walk or reading a book. For me I always either watch some TV or play my PS4 and this can make me relax so much as it just allows me to release any stress I may have.
Another way I deal with lack of sleep is by just keeping myself busy. This can involve such basic things. Even things like housework can be done or by going out a wander here or there can just take your mind off of the tiredness.
I hope my methods can help you guys, thank you for reading.

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  1. When I can’t sleep, I often use “lucid dreaming” methods just to put my body to sleep but don’t engage in the mental aspect of it! Great post though!

  2. I reverted back to childhood comforts – I rub a bit of lavender oil into my temples and drink warm milk with honey before bed. It has seriously been a lifesaver. Great post! x

  3. These are some great tips, thank you for writing this post. I was looking for something like this, because I’ve also been dealing with having a hard time being able to sleep lately with my depression flaring up. So happy I stumbled upon this post.

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