Blogging so far and hitting goals

Blogging so far and hitting goals
Well for me blogging has been the best thing I’ve ever done so far. My 2017 has been great so far but blogging has just made it that bit better. In this blog I am going to talk about what made me start blogging, what is best about it and hitting the goals I had set myself each day.

Why I started to blog?
I started to blog because of my amazing girlfriend. If she hadn’t been as supportive of me I probably wouldn’t have started. I had always thought of doing it but I wasn’t ever that confident in doing it. Whenever I thought about it I was always asking myself so many questions and wondering if people would ever read what I had to say or if I would be any good at it. She gave me enough confidence in myself to do it and that’s how a partner should be. 
The other reason I started to blog is that I wanted to help others with their mental health issues. I thought by sharing my experiences I could help others learn new ways to fix theirs. I will be planning to continue to do this as well as learning more about mental health that I can also use to help people even more in the future. I currently have so much time to put into blogging but even when I’m working I will be putting as much time as I can into it and I hope this is still enough time to make an impact on peoples’ lives for the best.
What is best about blogging?
For me the best thing about blogging is getting to interact with new people. On Twitter I have had so many DMs and interactions with other bloggers who share the same interests as me and I have also learned new things from them too about blogging.
Another thing I find great about blogging is being able to express so much creative freedom. I love seeing people express themselves and being able to express my own ideas has made me such a confident person full of self belief. 
Hitting goals and targets
For me hitting goals and targets I set myself has been such a rewarding feeling. I always set small, realistic goals as this has made me stress so much less instead of setting crazy goals. So far I have over 1.1K views and 109 followers on WordPress and this is amazing to me considering I have only been on WordPress for 15 days. 
I started off on Blogger on August 1st and on there I hit roughly 1.2K views in the 2 weeks on there too. This has only happened thanks to you guys and I wanna say thank you so much for this. I was expecting blogging just to go badly for me the same way Youtube did as I had tons of hate on there and people telling me what to do unlike with blogging as everyone has been unbelievably supportive of me. I do have 1 stalker on my blogs and Twitter looking to badmouth me at every opportunity but support always overcomes hate and you guys have made sure that happened this time. There isn’t going to be any negatives ruining my blogging hobby anytime soon or even ever as I’m stronger because of you guys. 
I will continue to work hard on my blogs and help you guys at every opportunity. Thank you for reading, I appreciate your support so much.

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