A Blog With My Girlfriend

A Blog With My Girlfriend
For this blog I have been joined by my girlfriend Sophie. We will be talking about the lovely places we have visited and how we’ve affected each others mental health. It’s nearly been 8 months together and in that time we have accomplished so much together so we thought now would be a good time to write something together about it.

When I first met Paul i knew he was really different in the way that he seemed to be loyal, caring, and much, much more.  The first day I met him I knew it would turn into something special, but I had no idea how amazing it would actually turn out to be.  In the early days of our relationship in January I had extreme anxiety issues which I could barely cope with and Paul helped and still is helping so much with all that.  It is like he helps me take my mind off of stressful things and we have also been on so many mini adventure days which have been great purely because I have been with Paul never mind the places themselves.  Those things along with other things have helped me mentally as Paul is such a great listener.
January was when it all changed for me. I was so nervous about meeting Sophie because I knew how badly everything beforehand with girls for me had been. Obviously it wasn’t all bad but most things turned sour in the end. She’s the best thing to ever happen to me. I really haven’t ever struggled before to put into words how much someone means to me but with Sophie I have because she’s just on another level of amazing from anyone before. She’s helped me grow so much as a person and conquer so many fears. She’s helped me grow confident enough to go to interviews without having a breakdown, made dealing with stress so much easier for me by just listening to me so I don’t have to bottle anything up, made me see the truth in people and made it easier to let go of them and she’s also made me brave enough to blog for you guys and speak out about my mental health issues. I honestly want to spend my entire life with her and that’s been my mindset since we met because I knew right away that I had someone special in my life and so many people have told me how great we are together. 
As Paul has said in the above paragraph about helping him mentally, it has been great to know that I have had such a positive affect on him and that he feels he is improving.  I have never ever had that effect on someone and to have made someone I am so close to feel good in themselves is amazing.  Paul has actually done the exact same with me.  I have recently started to build up a business venture and Paul has been 100% behind me on the project.  Before Paul I could never have had the guts or courage to even think about starting that kind of thing but now I have him in my life it is great to know I have support.  Paul has had such a positive affect on my life it’s unreal and my friends etc have said it is amazing I have found someone who makes me so happy.  In May of this year I took Paul up to Anstruther in Fife for the weekend since it was close to his birthday.  Although the weather was not perfect, the time spent with him was perfect as it was just us together.  
Anstruther with Sophie was amazing and even though we had to deal with a ton of rain, heavy showers and a thunderstorm. Even that night we had barely any sleep between us but that couldn’t ruin a perfect weekend with her. I also introduced to her to an area that was close to my heart because she means that much to me. My great gran died in 2011 but she had lived in a small Fife town called Leven. As I knew how lovely the beach was and some of the areas surrounding were really nice too I felt like Sophie was worthy of knowing everything about my times there growing up. She has also shown me some areas I had never heard of too in return for where I’ve shown her. She hadn’t known some of the areas near my house before she moved in and even though this was only small Glasgow areas, she really showed an interest in getting to know them all. We have been so many places now and in May because I knew how much she loved Anastacia I came up with a plan so that she could spend my birthday with me and also see her idol. We went to Edinburgh the day after my birthday to see her and it honestly meant the world to me seeing the smile on Sophie’s face because she got to see her idol.
All these things we have written about and more honestly mean the world to me and will be stored as amazing memories forever and I’m sure we will continue to.  Paul has been the best thing to ever happen in my life and will be eternally thankful and grateful.
Sophie is by far the best thing to ever happen to me and we will always continue to make memories together as a team. I’m so proud of her and so lucky to have her as I’m so much better now because of that. You’ll have so many blogs from me because of her and that’s the best thing.
Thank you for reading.  Sophie x
Thank you for reading. Paul x

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