Blogging Awards-Are they fair?

Blogging Awards-Are they fair?
I have only been on WordPress for a very short time but in this time I have had 6 nominations for blogging awards. In this blog I will discuss whether I think this is fair or not and whether I’d have got those same nominations had the rules for each award been different from the current structure.

At first getting nominations was a great feeling for me as I felt like my hard work and blogs were fully appreciated. However, as I have noticed some rather odd things on Twitter the good feeling began to go away.
I have noticed 2 things on Twitter:
1) There has been tweets asking people if they wanted to be nominated.
2) The people who get nominated by others are normally the ones who are either good friends or talk to each other constantly.
Awards shouldn’t just be handed out like that in my opinion. An award should be a massive thing that you take time over deciding who you nominate. You should be 100% appreciate that person’s work and be aware of all of their posts and not just a few here or there. Friendships should also have no factor in who you nominate either. I’d prefer to nominate people I haven’t had much contact with before to be honest as it shows your admiration of their content and not just a case of voting for friends because they’d vote for you. There will be someone who will be much more deserving of your nomination but you just need to take the time to look at the content you follow and read on a daily basis.
As I mentioned earlier I have had 6 nominations for blogging awards. I don’t feel as if I deserve them all either. I do believe in my content and the quality it has but I do not feel like it’s completely groundbreaking and deserving of nominations so early into my blogging career. Most awards involve nominating 10 or more people and that just isn’t right. Even awards that involve nominating 5 people aren’t fair to be honest. I would love to see rule changes so that the number of nominations that you have to make is just 1 and 1 only. This would be fair as you would have to nominate the blogger who is the best in your opinion and this would also mean votes are not wasted on people just because it is easy to become undecided so you spread votes out on people you wouldn’t vote for if the number of votes that you had to make was lower.
I do love that the rules for the awards involve answering questions as this is a great way for those who put their time into your content to get to know more about you. Sometimes other social media only allows others to see a certain side to you and limits how much people can learn about you. Blogging is a great way for others to get to know you as your character and personality come out in each blog you write but sites like Twitter etc limit you as you can’t have a large bio and tweets are limited to 140 characters. I would love for that to change on Twitter so that you could say as much as you want instead of being restricted down to such a small number of characters.
I hope you guys have enjoyed my blog and I would love for you to comment your opinion of blogging awards and their structure.
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Thank you for reading.

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  1. I really don’t know the criteria to be honest for most of them . The two I have been nominated for are by people who read and comment on my blog regularly . I just figured they are a way for people to be exposed to new reads . I like answering the questions . Most people I have nominated have been before and do not participate. I take them as a means of exposure . That is all . Like most other things in life I do not really take them seriously . Not sure if that is the right point of view or not .

  2. I was nominated a few times early on when I had just started blogging. Yes, it felt amazing at first. Until I too noticed a similar trend. After a while the nominations stoped for me. Guess it’s because I lost touch with those who nominated me over the years

  3. This is such a good post! 🙂 I have been nominated for many awards on multiple occasions since I’ve started blogging. I’m so grateful but I felt really guilty about being nominated so often cause there are so many bloggers that have never been nominated before. I also wrote a post talking about how I feel about them, and now I no longer post awards on my blog after putting two posts up. I loved the feeling of being nominated, but after a while I found them quite repetitive.

  4. I never really thought about that but you’re right. Most people are nominated just because of the huge amount of friends they have online. I think that’s great but on the other hand other smaller bloggers don’t get the chance even if their content is much better

  5. I don’t really see these ‘awards’ as awards – if you go back a few years they were EVERYWHERE but were simply called tags because you tagged people. When the tags became overused and people grew tired of them people eventually changed the name to awards to add an extra feeling of being special to them, driving their popularity once again. They’re just for fun. There are, however, the other awards operated by someone where there are nominations, votes, etc – those feel more like actual awards to me.

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