What I am aiming for with blogging

What I am aiming for with blogging
I haven’t been blogging for very long at all to be honest. I started on Blogger on August 1st and then I swapped over to WordPress on August 16th because of advice I was given on what was the best site to use. I have definitely found WordPress to be a great site to use and in this blog I will talk about what I aim to achieve with blogging.

The main thing I want to achieve is that I can help so many people to overcome their mental health issues by using my own experiences from my past to help them. I aim to do this by providing the best help I can and by mentioning every single thing I done to get better and being there for people when they need some advice or just someone to listen. I know how horrible depression and anxiety can be and I’d never want anyone to suffer what I have in my past. I hope everyone’s recoveries happen as soon as possible and don’t take a long time to reach happiness.
Another thing I want to achieve is 100% self confidence in my own ability. You may wonder where blogging comes into this but the way I see it is that expressing your own creative freedom can make you grow as a person and I feel like blogging about mental health allows me to express myself and show how I feel and who I am as a person through my content.
I also want to build a network of people who can help others out with their mental health issues on a daily basis. I feel like by talking to new people I can learn so much more about mental health instead of just looking online to learn about it. This can also help me be there for more people as we can speak to new people through the comments on our blogs as well as speaking on Twitter,Facebook etc.
I am a very ambitious person too. I know if I put my full effort into it I could go further with blogging than I did with Youtube. My ideas for blogs feel so much more creative and fresher than my ideas for Youtube videos ever did and this can only be a good thing. As far as views go and followers too, I have been very successful on WordPress compared to Youtube. My views on my blogs don’t settle at a low average number whereas the days I blog can normally be extremely successful. Views to me aren’t that important but the fact I’ve had so many already is actually amazing. It means so much to me that so many people have took time out of their day to read the content I have spent time writing.
I thank you all for the support so far on my blogs and I plan to keep going the way I am and finding ways to get better where I can. If you guys have any tips on things I can improve I am always appreciative of feedback so just leave it in the comments.
Thank you for reading, I am grateful for it.

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  1. I can tell that our writings are going to be very similar! I am also a mental health blogger and so far I have shared many personal experiences with anxiety and depression. I have achieved so many goals already and I hope the same for you! Good luck!

  2. Hey Paul, that was SOOO inspiring.
    My mental health is also ALL over the place, but your blog has really helped me focus on whats important.
    Sometimes I feel as high as a kite, and other times I want to just chew on cardboard. I’m SOOO quirky like that, though.
    Anyway’s, here’s a tip on how you can improve, seeing as you were asking πŸ˜‰
    I think your grammar can be quite hard to understand, but I do see why its hard for you because of the language barrier. I am a native english speaker though, so its easier for me to criticise your TERRIBLE sentence structure πŸ™‚
    Anyways, I NEVER like to end on a negative, but it was quite hard to avoid with some of your posts 😦

      1. Thanks SOOOO much for replying so promptly! It means so much! πŸ™‚
        I just LOVE sitting up at night and reading people’s experiences, and how they relate to my own.
        But, I’m not quite sure you got my point there. For example, I would have structured your reply as follows:
        “Aw, I’m glad to know I can help. Yeah, I just follow what I got taught in school. Plus, sentences can be structured many different ways, so sometimes I do make little errors. Mostly here and there, but not that often :)”
        I TOTALLY get what you mean with the language in Scotland though. People have a hard time understanding us ‘weegies all the time, haha!!

      1. I’m reasonably quick commenter πŸ˜‰
        Well, when there’s a blogger I’m passionate about who has asked for advice ;D

  3. I love the reasoning as to why u blog. Thank u for creating it and supporting these issues which are widespread. I enjoy reading ur experiences and how to best cope.

  4. What lovely aims! I could totally relate where you said that blogging helps you grow as a person too, it has definitely had this affect on me as well, albeit an unexpected one.

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