Why I stayed away from doctors

Why I stayed away from doctors
Hey guys in this blog I am going to talk about the way I recovered from my mental health struggles and why I never sought professional help with my depression. People used to say I should have but it turns out it’s not for everyone and I wanna show you guys why it’s not.

I was in a really bad state back when I was at my worst and I thought it really was the end of me. Life had just destroyed me and I couldn’t get to grips with growing up and becoming an adult. You may wonder how I went from that to where I am now and how I have improved this much. For me all I done really was work on getting physically better and work on myself mentally by finding a way to see the good in myself and my life and just being able to focus on that.
Take this from me, everyone has positives about themselves and in their lives. It absolutely isn’t all bad. You just need to find the good in things. As good as I think doctors can be I also think their efforts are only successful if you change some things in your life as a person anyway. I just used to sit and figure out what to do and even making some very small changes can help you. Another thing to do is find good listeners in your life such as friends, family or even a partner. Even on social media you will find a lot of people going through what you are so they will be able to help you understand and it’ll make you feel safer because you can vent to someone and they absolutely won’t judge you for it.
Another risk of going to doctors is that you can end up on tablets that have really bad side effects. I have seen this on several occasions where peoples’ recoveries have been slowed down because of complications with tablets. This can come down to being on the wrong tablet or even just the wrong dosage. My body grows immune to medicine very quickly so it would have been pointless for me to take this route to recovery having seen people have so many issues with tablets. Another problem with these tablets is that coming off of them is very difficult and can have lots of complications so many get stuck on them long term and nobody should have to deal with taking tablets long term.
If you can get the right people around you who can support you and listen to you when you are finding it tough and make several changes in your life, recovery is more than possible. Everyone can definitely be happy but sometimes you just need to look in new places. Talking to new people can definitely add freshness to your life and you’ll learn new ways to cope with things. Looking on the internet can also help you find new ways to cope. I learned little basic things such as just writing down my feelings on paper or just thinking about what you could change in your life make a massive difference.
I hope you guys enjoyed my blog and I hope anyone struggling mentally has better days in the near future. Good luck with your recoveries guys.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I used to go to therapy as a teenager. I saw a couple different people and always felt the same about them. I tend to deal with things on my own and that’s always what I’ve done best. Therapy definitely isn’t for everyone!

  2. Mental wellness is very important, much more so because it seems many people are afraid to talk about it. I feel some people may fear that others will “think they are crazy”. It’s so important for everyone to have a strong reliable trustworthy group they feel like they can just talk to about anything. I don’t really feel that there is a pill for everything.

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