My Asperger's Limitations

My Asperger’s Limitations
For anyone who doesn’t know this already, I have a disability called Asperger’s Syndrome. I have had this all of my life and will always have it. In this blog I will talk about how it affects me and how it changes things in my life.

My first limitation is with people and socialising. In large groups of people I tend to just disappear as I can’t handle busy places with loads of people talking at once. I used to go out on nights out a lot but it took me being drunk to speak very much and even at that I still didn’t say too much. People had this idea that I was either just a quiet person or if they didn’t know me they thought I was a tad ignorant. Once you actually know me you realise that I’m far from ignorant, I’m just not comfortable around loads of people at once.
My second limitation is that misunderstanding people is so much easier and causes a lot of problems and arguments. I’m not an argumentative person at all but it takes knowing me and knowing a lot about Asperger’s to know this. Sometimes what people say comes across in a different way from what they mean so unless they explain it perfectly, it’s always possible for me to misunderstand and freak out.
My third limitation is that saying how I feel is very difficult. Normally I take so long to say it because it requires so much time to figure out how I actually feel. This has caused numerous problems before especially when liking girls. I used to feel like I liked them one day but then the next I just wouldn’t even notice anything to do with them. I’m very lucky now that I’ve had a clear picture of my feelings and lasted well with the same girlfriend for 8 months. It has been so stress free compared to before and this has helped me so much mentally.
My fourth limitation is with phone calls. I find them genuinely horrifying if they last over a minute. People look at me like I’m mad when I tell them this too. It does restrict me a lot with what jobs I can apply for as most office jobs require a high level of phone call use so I’m gonna need to hope I get employed by someone who is extremely understanding of my condition.
My fifth limitation is that I try to act how I normal person would way too often instead of just accepting the limitations of my disability. People end up trying to treat me normal and expect me to react like anyone else because of this too and it just makes things way too difficult. I think sometimes I just need to sit back and relax because I push myself so much in life when I really don’t need to.
My sixth limitation is my proneness to extreme claustrophobia. This is one of the worst things because it just comes on so randomly. Public transport is bad for it too. I usually need to travel well in advance of when I need to be somewhere because busy transport makes me feel so uncomfortable if it’s over a longer journey time. I used to get off the bus a few stops early because of this too and even though I suffer badly from travel sickness, it’s not all because of that as to why I break up my journeys.
I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and understand my condition a lot better now,
Thank you reading.

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