Mental Health-Things to Know

Mental Health-Things to Know
Mental health is a massive thing these days but it is so so important that people know all about it. I hope you have learned some new information from my blogs so far but in this blog I will mention some other things that I feel are good to know about mental health.

  1. Just because someone is smiling on the outside it doesn’t mean that they are happy on the inside. It is very easy to put on a front when you are suffering mentally so always be aware of what a person could be going through.

2. Just because a person says everything is okay it doesn’t mean everything actually is. It is very easy to feel like a burden to everyone else when suffering mentally so it is very easy for them to shut people out of their lives.
3. If people don’t want to talk about their issues you shouldn’t be annoyed at them. Sometimes people just don’t want to talk or feel like they’ll drag you down so it’s natural for them to be very quiet.
4. Speaking about your mental health problems is not attention seeking. Some people say that it is looking for compliments etc but instead it can just be a cry for help. It is also okay to not be okay sometimes as some days are just a struggle from the beginning.
5. Always make sure someone is okay. If you sense that someone may be feeling down whether it is from what they say to you or what they’ve been tweeting or posting on Snapchat or Facebook etc. It isn’t always obvious that someone is struggling mentally but sometimes you just need to look hard enough for the signs.
6. Anyone can suffer from mental health issues. Sometimes people are surprised when they discover who is struggling mentally but you just shouldn’t be at all because issues don’t evade anyone. People were shocked when I was at my worst because they thought I had everything I needed. I absolutely didn’t but this taught my friends that anyone can suffer due to their lifestyle.
7. Never ignore someone’s cry for help. If someone comes to you specifically or asks you to be there always put their needs before yours. You can always make time for someone who is struggling so saying that you are busy is never an excuse. Your support can do amazing things for a person so always help as many people as you can.
8. Everyone handles their problems differently. There are so many ways to get help these days for mental health problems including doctors or just by talking to family or friends but the right way for you may not be the right way for someone else who is struggling so offer advice on how to deal with it but if they don’t follow it you must respect their decision.
9. Saying things like “chin up” are absolutely pointless and make no difference. When someone is struggling it is impossible to just become happy overnight so don’t expect them to just start laughing and smiling constantly.
10. It is a long process to recover from mental health problems. It has taken me 4 years to get from my worst to my best but for others this timeframe can be significantly shorter or longer. I have known people who have recovered in a few months but on the other hand I have known others who have taken many years of their life to recover. To anyone suffering though you just be patient as it can be a long road. Just stay strong and the light at the end of the tunnel will come.
These have been my things that you need to know about mental health. I hope you gain more information from this and enjoyed my content.
Thank you for reading.

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