World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day
Hey guys, if you didn’t know it’s World Suicide Prevention Day today and I felt like doing a little blog on it. In this blog I will speak about my experiences with suicide, how scary it is to think about and what we can do to prevent others from committing suicide. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.

So in 2013 I was absolutely at my worst mentally. I was just so caught up in college work that I completely forgot to look after myself at all. This was the biggest mistake I’ve made even to this current day in September 2017. I was only guilty of one thing and this was thinking I was okay. Due to the fact I thought I was completely fine I always put others before me and I didn’t care what sacrifices I had to make in order to be there for people. All my life involved was college and drinking and this was so so bad for me.
This all caught up on me after a night out and I just crumbled on the way home. I broke down so badly and nobody ever thought of me as someone who had been having any breakdowns at all let alone what actually happened. I am literally only alive because I messaged the right person when I panicked. As much as I don’t speak to the person now and things ended on horrifically bad terms, I still remember everything they done for me and I know it’s why I’m still going now. I’d have felt like I’d have hurt so many people if I ended my life when I was 19 and at 23 now I’m so glad I didn’t because everything has turned around so massively. It’s been far from easy and there’s been plenty of bad days and breakdowns along the way but I’m better than ever now with so much going right.
Suicide is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever thought about. It’s something nobody should have to ever feel bad enough to think about in their lifetime. For someone to get that bad something has blown them apart in a way nobody can imagine unless you go through it. People need to understand that nobody is immune to mental health issues and it is sad that there is still a stigma around mental health. It is also so frustrating and pathetic to see people who don’t believe in it at all.
Even recently people have said to me that my problems were just made up stories and that I never suffered anything bad. In 2017 how bad is that? Nobody should be that brain dead that they say stuff to anyone like that. Other personal favourites in the rubbish people say category is:
“Man up.”
“Just be happy.”
“It’s not hard to be positive.”
“Depression doesn’t exist.”
“Everyone has problems just get over it.”
I’m a fairly calm person these days but things like this just annoy me so so much. Things like this are what can drive someone to suicide in the first place. People need to understand that life can be so difficult and it’s not always possible to deal with it well. People also handle things in different ways so a good life for some people will definitely not be a good life for others.
Even in recent times there have been celebrities who have committed suicide when they’ve made so many others happy and looked happy from what the public seen. The problem is that you don’t see what goes on behind closed doors. Everyone thought both Robin Williams and Chester Bennington were very happy people living successful lives but even they weren’t immune to severe levels of depression. People need to educate themselves massively about depression and other mental health issues and only then can we all come together and win all of our battles against the demon that is suicide.¬†Other things we need to do in order to prevent suicides from happening include:
Making sure we make time for our loved ones on a regular basis.
Making sure we are there when people need us most.
Don’t assume someone is happy just because of what we see in the open.
Keep our DMs open for anyone who is struggling mentally.
Make sure nobody feels like they are alone.
Make sure there are enough professionals available in order to provide help for everyone who needs it.
Stop saying stupid things like the ones I mentioned earlier.
Making sure nobody feels like their problems aren’t important.
Acting upon the signs of any mental health issues through what a person says on their social media.
I feel like with the things I’ve said above we can work towards completely eliminating suicide and mental health problems too. It won’t happen overnight but over time the number needs to drop dramatically because nobody deserves to go through that or witness it. It is a monumental battle we face but it’s one that nobody has to or deserves to feel like they are battling it alone.
I hope you have enjoyed my blog and learned a lot about not just myself but about suicide too. It is one of the most horrific things ever to deal with it.
Just remember you can save a life. Thank you for reading.
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