My Opinion Of Blogging

My Opinion Of Blogging
Blogging is such a new thing for me as I’ve not been doing it for anywhere near as long as anyone else. In actual fact, this Saturday only marks a full month for me on WordPress. In this blog I will speak about how things have went so far and what I plan on doing from now on.

My decision to switch over to WordPress as a mental health blogger on the 16th of August was nothing short of genius in my opinion. The reason for that opinion is that I feel like I’ve finally excelled in something because it allows me to express my creative freedom about a subject I feel comfortable talking about, have a lot of knowledge of and it also allows me to help other people when I can too.
I have hit 190 followers on WordPress and nearly 2.2K views as I am writing this and the best thing is that blogging takes away the frustration of not being able to sleep. I have this thing where my brain just operates so well at night and this allows me to just put together blogs on so many topics. In my opinion blogging is by far one of the best things you can choose to do. It’s such a fun hobby and with it you can inspire so many other people to find their creative spark and get involved too. For me I’ve discovered that I have so much more creativity than I thought and that I can help more people than ever just by providing content for them to read that takes them away from their life struggles for even a couple of minutes.
I do notice drama sometimes and that should never happen with blogging. Every blogger should come together and support each other as we all have the luxury of being able to do what we love so much. Nobody else should be put down for blogging how they like. You also have the freedom to design your blog site how you like and for me that has allowed me to search for a great colour combination that I rather enjoy. It may be a small thing but it’s another detail into why blogging is so great.
My overall opinion of blogging is as positive as you can imagine and it has gave me something new to enjoy each time I go on my laptop and start typing up a new post. The posts that I have written about sensitive topics have even been easier to write because I know how lucky I am to be able to blog and help others using my experiences. Everyone should help others where they can most and blogging is a great way to do that.
In the future I plan to keep mental health discussions as the main theme of my blogs but I do plan on talking about other things here and there. I also massively enjoy gaming and seeing new places with my girlfriend around Scotland and I feel like I can share my views on those with you guys. I will also maybe do some Q and As in the future or some topics you guys want me to give my opinion on no matter what they are.
I have just came up with a new schedule too. This gives me a lot of freedom too as I can keep preparing posts as I go instead of having to do them on the day and just uploading them. I think this will also allow me to provide enjoyable content for you guys and better work overall that you can engage with more and provide feedback on through the comments.
Speaking of comments the feedback I’ve had from you guys has been so positive and it’s made me feel great about myself and what I do in my blogs. I’ve had people tell me that they’ve learned from my blogs, enjoyed them so much, been proud of me for and spoke out about my bravery for speaking about what I’ve been through. I appreciate that all so much because you guys are why I choose to blog so much. Without the support it wouldn’t be as enjoyable and whether this comes in the form of Twitter DMs, comments on my blogs, Facebook comments or anything else, it means so much to me and keeps me going on days when I’m just having an off day.
I really hope you have enjoyed my blogs so far and continue to do so in the future. I can’t say how appreciative I am of the fact you guys take time out of your days to read my content. I never imagined anything being this great so early on. I have mega ambitions with my blogs and you guys have given me the belief that I can achieve what I want with them as well as enjoying it as the hobby it is to me.
Thank you for reading guys.
My schedule is now that I will be posting 5 blogs a week and they will be there to read at 12PM UK time on those 5 days. I may alternate days where I don’t blog but I will always keep you updated on Twitter but if you don’t know if there’s a blog just contact me in any way you like.

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