Matter of Opinions

Matter of Opinions
Opinions are wonderful. In life you will meet people with such a variety of opinions on quite literally everything. Part of growing as a person is by understanding and respecting other peoples’ opinions and it is very important that you do. In this blog I will talk about how to stop differences in opinions from causing any issues for you as well as my differences in opinion with different experiences and results.

A problem I had growing up was understanding thoughts and feelings of other people due to my Asperger’s. Sometimes this can still be an issue but it’s usually over bigger things which can lead to conflict that I really don’t want ever. Most of the arguments I’ve had in my life have been so stupid it’s unreal because most of them come from a difference of opinions. These were all so avoidable and I’ll admit I did play my part in a lot of them but I wasn’t the only one at fault. I will always take my part in things but at no point in conflict caused by a difference of opinions is it all 1 person’s fault.
Sometimes things can be worded horribly and that is that person’s fault but if the other person reacts badly without even bothering to check what the person meant then they become at fault too. That’s why everyone needs to avoid making assumptions because something that is meant as being totally innocent can be horrifically worded and sometimes you just need to double check to avoid conflict. I know I can’t get my wording right 100% of the time because of my Asperger’s. I just can’t function the way someone without it does so sometimes my good intentions are completely ignored but I have got used to this.
I love hearing opinions. Nothing on social media is better than engaging with people in mature, adult conversations where you can share your opinions with each other on quite literally anything. I fully respect people’s opinions and I hope they respect mines but telling someone their opinion isn’t valid or correct is just completely wrong. I know when I’ve had someone tell me that my opinion is wrong it used to hurt a lot and scare me into not saying anything about what I think of anything. As I’ve grown more confident I am just always fully open about my opinion and everyone deserves to feel that way too.
I know I don’t always react the best and I can hold my hands up and admit I can react so stupidly but that’s my fault for just assuming. I know I’ve still got plenty of work to do how I manage my expression of opinions and how I take them. I’m only 23 still and I know eventually I will handle every opinion perfectly even if my expression of mines is still a bit off. I know I need to slow down and take time to think out the best way to say something too but I know I’ve made significant progress on that this year.
At the end of the day it always just comes down to being civil and respecting each other every single time an opinion is shared. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t share my opinion with others or if they didn’t share theirs with me. It’s my favourite thing to do as I’ve learned so much about loads of stuff that way. I’m glad lately I’ve had so many people tell me how they feel about a certain thing and I love talking about it with them. You advance so much as a person because of effective sharing of opinions.
On Monday I had a rather large debate with a few bloggers over my opinion on giveaways. I don’t really have much of a problem with them except when they are announced just before a big follower goal on things like Twitter and Instagram. All I intended to do was suggest a way where it became a double positive for the person doing the giveaway. I fully admit that I fucked up the explanation at times of what I was suggesting and that’s all on me. The disappointing thing though is that not one of them even bothered to message me to see what I was getting at. From everyone involved including myself it could have been dealt with much better. I fully respect their opinions but the fact I was unfollowed by one over it is so frustrating.
I was always told to support your fellow blogger and it’s something I will always try and do as much as humanly possible. The fact I was unfollowed several times over my own opinion is horrible and just isn’t right. I would happily have had a chat through DMs about it. I fully respect everything that was tweeted to me and I’ve enjoyed it as I learned so much. That’s what I want every single day to be like except with full respect of each other’s opinions.
I know for a fact I won’t shy away from saying what I think on Twitter but I really just want civil, friendly chats with things being learned and not what I experienced then. Nobody deserves to be told their opinion was wrong at all. Yes I do need to work on my execution of my opinions but it would have took one message to understand me. People need to respect the fact I have Asperger’s too. I know people with disabilities deserve the same treatment as everyone else but with Asperger’s things are so different and that’s the key here.
Anyway I have shared my opinions and experiences on opinions and I would love for you to comment your opinion of what I have mentioned here. Anytime you guys wanna talk about your opinion of anything just contact me on Twitter. I am always up for a chat and I would love to learn your opinion. If I share my opinion on Twitter of a certain thing to never be afraid to comment yours back too. Engagement makes social media better and I’d love for everyone to be a part of that.
Thank you for reading. The support has been incredible on my Twitter and my blogs. Thank you for that and I appreciate it so much.

Your feedback is welcomed greatly