How to be your most productive

How to be your most productive
Blogging is a great thing. We all have different ways of doing it and we all know what gets our best out of us. Sometimes it is much harder because of time constraints and other things like a social life or work getting in the way. In this blog I will talk about how I find my productivity and how I use this to produce the best content I can for my blogs.

I am such an enigma sometimes. My sleep pattern is practically the one thing in my life that is completely unpredictable. Even now when I am writing this blog I have practically been awake for 39 hours out of 41. I have no idea how I’m still awake let alone barely tired. With this I just have to take every chance I get to produce good content. This can mean writing blogs one after the other just to make sure all my work is prepared and scheduled.
The first tip I will give though is to avoid blogging when you are absolutely exhausted. The people reading your blogs can sense very easily if you have put something together super quick just for the sake of it. You need to constantly show your enthusiasm and passion for what you create and I learned this from my time on Youtube. If I was exhausted people could tell in an instant and even though they can’t see your face while reading the blog, your energy level shines through in the work you do. When you are tired you tend to word things badly or make basic spelling errors because you don’t proof read every sentence of it.
Another way to get to your most productive is by not creating content while angry. Nobody wants to see that side of you. Even if this means going for a glass of water or by taking a small break it will benefit you so much. Normally after calming down your productivity levels can reach new levels and this is when your best work will come out. People want to see your best and will fully appreciate it if you take a little longer to produce some content. I know I’ve had bad moments and people have respected my decision to take a day off blogging so if they can do it for me they can certainly do it for you.
Another tip is by taking time to work on your mental health issues if you need to. Everyone who follows and supports you will 100% understand this. Sometimes you need a break to recharge and work out what is going on in your head and that is more important that producing blogs constantly. I had to take a day off last week to recover mentally from a blip and that 100% helped me produce work of a much better quality.
Another tip is to create when you are most motivated to do so. This is just a natural thing as your best work will always come when you are fired up and raring to go. I have seen some incredible work from bloggers since I started and I noticed how up for it they were just in what they said. It motivates me more when I see someone reach their best quality of work as I know I can set my own standards that high too.
My final tip is to be 100% confident in yourself. If you don’t have confidence in yourself then I guarantee you that you won’t produce your best work. It is a natural thing to perform worse in anything while under pressure and you can self inflict pressure so much onto yourself when you think people won’t like your work or you think it is a bit rubbish. Just take a bit of time to focus on the good in you and you’ll realise how much you are capable of. My confidence was so low for years and it changed when I took time to think about the good things I do. This flipped my head around and I have been living a better life since. It may take time but remember it is possible to be confident for everyone.
Those were my tips on how to be at your most productive guys. I hope you all enjoyed reading them and can use them to find your best too.
Thank you for reading and thank you even more for the amazing support.

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  1. This is a great blog post! You are so right! When you don’t have energy or motivation, it’s almost better not to blog at all, because people will know that it’s not genuine. People’s words have an energy, that you feel while you are reading it. You know whether or not someone is passionate about whatever they’re talking about xxx
    Melina |

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