Blog With My Girlfriend 2

Blog With My Girlfriend 2
Hey guys since the first blog with my girlfriend went down so well I have invited her to do another with me and seeing as she is a huge part of why I was able to blog in the first place, this might become a thing that’s more of a series on my WordPress. In this blog we will just be speaking about our summer together and how our mental health has been through that period of time. I will be writing the parts of this blog that show up in white and my girlfriend Sophie will be writing the parts that show up in light blue. We both hope you enjoy this blog about our summer, our mental health and our aims for the rest of the year.

On my birthday which was at the beginning of August we had planned to go a lovely drive in parts of Scotland we enjoyed being before.  At first that day we were unsure what the weather would be like since it was quite rainy, but we decided to go out anyway.  Thankfully as we started to drive, the weather brightened up as we headed over to Inverkip, Greenock which was one of our many stops that day.  Inverkip has a gorgeous Marina where you can see lots of lovely boats docked and there are lots of beautiful houses.  It is a very picturesque area.  We then drove the lovely scenic route down to Largs, through Wemyss Bay, Fairlie, Skelmorlie and then we got to Largs.  We grabbed some food, seen the sights and got going again, this time along to Ardrossan which is a lovely place.  We sat at a seafront part where lots of people had picnics, and later we moved along to the harbour which was equally as beautiful.  After we sat at Ardrossan we drove through lovely little places such as Saltcoats, Dunure and eventually got to Ayr.  I really enjoyed my birthday that day because of our travels and even more so because it was my first birthday with Paul so that made it even more special. 
Seeing Sophie smile so much on her birthday was amazing. I was super nervous about what I had got her and what we could do because I had never been with someone on their birthday before. Turned out I had done a remarkably good job and this helped me more with my mental health too. Knowing you’re doing good for your partner’s wellbeing is so good mentally as you just believe in yourself so much more. Being with Sophie has had zero negatives for me and that’s what makes what we have so special. The fact I blog now is purely down to the positives she’s caused for my life and I can’t thank her enough for that. We’ve been other places around Scotland such as Fort William, Oban, Aberfoyle and Callander. If you ever get the chance to go around Scotland I recommend these places and the ones Sophie mentioned above as they are all absolutely beautiful. If it wasn’t for our relationship I’d have never been anywhere like this so she’s helped me explore and expand my world too.
Exploring these places with Paul has worked wonders with my mental health too as it allows me to take my mind off everything and just focus on the there and then of the time.  I am so glad I have been able to help and make a difference to Paul and his mental health just by taking him these places alone.  I really hope i have helped in other ways than that obviously but travelling around Scotland has been great with him.  Earlier this year also we had travelled down to Dumfries and Galloway.  Neither of us had really been there before so it was new to us.  We drove the tourist route which has lovely points and areas such as Loch Ken which is a beautiful place if you want to stop on a break from driving.  Eventually the tourist rout leads to the seaside town of Ayr which is also lovely.
My aims for the rest of the year are so well set in my mind and I know fine well we can achieve these together. I have my individual aims too and these are to maintain my happiness, continually be at my best for Sophie, progress even more with my blogs, help as many people as possible with their mental health and to manage to get a job and progress well at the beginning in that. My aims for our relationship involve just keeping it as good as it’s been so far in the 8 months we’ve been together, improving our mental health together, building our bond even more than we already have and by just succeeding in our main projects. For me this is my blogging and for Sophie this is her cleaning business.
As Paul has said above, I also hope we can keep our relationship as positive and strong as it has been this past 8 months.  I have currently started my own cleaning business which Paul has been an absolute diamond in helping with and supporting me with it.  I really hope I have and still can be a major source of support for Paul, his job searching and also his blogging.  I really do my best to be a rock for him, mentally and with absolutely everything else.  
I hope you have enjoyed reading our blog together guys. This is an insider into how just how strong we are together. I really hope one day you all have support like we do for each other. We’ve grown together and that’s what makes writing these blogs so special to me. I hope you all enjoy and continue to support me as the support has been so outstanding and way beyond anything I have imagined being possible. Thank you again. Regards Paul.
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got an insight into how strong Paul and I are. Since January, Paul has helped my mental health so much it is unreal and i will be eternally grateful.  I also hope our talk about or travels will perhaps inspire you to do the same and go places you have never been before.  Thank you again for reading this, regards Sophie! xx

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