The Power of Twitter

The Power of Twitter
Hey guys I thought I’d do a little post about how influential Twitter can be and I will also mention how I use it and when I started using it. This won’t be as long a blog as the last few have been but it won’t be too small either. For me, little usually still means a few hundred words and I feel like that’s what people need sometimes instead of reading constantly massive posts. Anyway guys now onto the topic of the blog.

For me, social media is unbelievably powerful and helpful to the success of my blogs so far. I may only have a Facebook account and Twitter account but I use these so much as I feel like growing them will make my blogs get more exposure. Overall though, Facebook is nowhere near as good as Twitter for me. I have nearly 9.3K followers on my account now that I created on April 1st 2015. Until late 2015 my account wasn’t used for much in particular. I used it for building up new friendships and to find ways to help my mental health.
For almost all of 2016, my account was used to promote my Youtube account. I put a lot of time into promotion and having studied marketing as part of my college courses, I had learned the best way to do this. A tip I always give people who are using their Twitter for promotion purposes is to follow people with common interests to them. This way you can talk to new people about what you do and they’ll understand most.
My blogging work has taken over my Twitter now and growing it quicker has been made easier by the amount of follow trains and retweets I’ve had or been involved in. I have also gained followers on WordPress due to continuous promotion of my blogs on Twitter. As much as it can feel like you are repeating yourself sometimes, it is so good to talk to new people this way too. Just since I started blogging I have gained 2K followers on Twitter and this is the reason my blogs get any notice whatsoever.
In my opinion, Twitter is so so powerful if used correctly. If you use it just to insult people you won’t gain many followers or make any new friends either. There are so many ways you can use it too and that’s also what makes it so powerful. I even have my current relationship because of Twitter and just speaking to one person on a random day has lead to me being the happiest I’ve ever been and 8 months into a relationship.
I have made friends from using Twitter and spoke to so many amazing people along the way who I have learned so much from. This includes people I was friends with, Youtubers I worked with on videos, people who have given me advice on Youtube and blogging and also new bloggers or people I have helped with mental health issues. I have also used my Twitter to learn new ways to recover from my own mental health issues and these probably saved me from becoming suicidal again.
I hope you have enjoyed my insight into how powerful Twitter is and I hope you guys continue the wonderful support you have on my blogs so far.
Thank you for reading.

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