My Life With Social Media

My Life With Social Media
Social media is a wonderful thing. There’s so much you can do with it these days and that is what makes it so amazing. For me it’s not all been plain sailing though. There has been so much over the years and I want to share some of that with you guys. The main thing I will be talking about though is how social media has influenced my mental health recovery and how I plan to use it in the future in order to help others as well as continuing to grow as a person myself.

My early days of social media involved using Facebook in 2010. This was the first account I had on anything except Windows Live Messenger. I only used that to talk to close friends in order to organise games of football, talk about school homework and to see who was up for playing PS3. Facebook at this time was a whole different world for me and I had no idea how to use it properly. This was what I used for my random thoughts as well as messaging people to talk in general. I felt uncomfortable talking in school because even at 16 years old my Asperger’s Syndrome was pretty uncontrollable. I felt like I could be more open when it wasn’t face to face or in large groups.
Later on towards mid 2013 I was fully into Facebook and using Twitter a little here and there just as a different option. I had spoke to so many new people in 2013 and made tons of cool friends because of college and meeting people on nights out. Speaking of nights out I used to be so bad for drunk messages and I used to wake up thinking what the hell did I do last night? I used to be able to see the funny side of drunk messaging though and deal with the wind ups that came with it.
My depression got unbelievably bad in 2013 and it came to the point I was suicidal. If it wasn’t for Facebook though I’d definitely not be alive. I was saved by who I spoke to at the time and if it wasn’t for one panic DM to that someone I’d not be here. I began to slowly get better towards the end of 2013 but I was still so far off of where I wanted to be. At Christmas I wished I really didn’t have social media. Everything just became so uncertain and arguments broke out over little things. I really felt so much anxiety over this all but I still believed that I could be better. Starting to speak out here and there helped me so much with my problems and people took inspiration in me and believed in what I was capable of.
2014 was an average year with lots of ups and downs. I can’t say too much about this year in particular because nothing big happened. My Facebook was so quiet over this time too. I met some new people but not too many. I dealt with a lot of tough arguments and my depression being problematic at times but I just kinda sailed through it without knowing what was going on.
It was 2015 when things began to get explosive for me. I developed an alcohol addiction as well as some serious other problems like turning to smoking when I was drunk and stressed. This was a messy year for me but I somehow got through it. I have my friend Bethany to thank for me getting better towards the end of the year to be honest. She noticed how things were getting to me and suggested things I could change in order to get better. I began to get better by staying close to her and talking to her about my problems. In return I always felt like I was the one who had to be there most because what she done for me was so so special.
In November 2015, I ended up in a relationship with a girl from Leeds I had spoken to on Twitter. This only lasted 4 months because of the distance and both of us having no money to go and see each other. I was disappointed but I didn’t want to let that ruin my last 2 months of being 21. A new friend who I had started speaking to in January 2016 helped me so so much on getting better and over time I recovered. Even though I’m no longer friends with the person I’m thankful for what she did at the start and the damage we caused each other has only made me get stronger and mentally better.
In December 2016, I had a random message from a girl named Sophie. I didn’t think much of it to be honest but at this point I had no idea what was gonna come. She seemed lovely but as I was ill I couldn’t organise anything incase I let her down. I felt like something could happen though so I just had to hope it would as I felt mentally ready for it. I finished my year positively and this was amazing. I felt like 2017 could be my year and I was gonna make sure it was.
2017 started incredibly well, I got to meet Sophie and we got together into a relationship immediately. I know that sounds insane but love in the moment is amazing and we both felt the same way so we made something of it. It is now 257 days on from the day we met and things are absolutely perfect. Who knew someone who messaged you out of the blue could mean so much? What me and Sophie built up is nothing short of amazing and I know for a fact we can build it up even more. I am at my best mentally and physically because of her and the help she has gave me. I hope to be with her for life.
I use my social media these days for my blogging more than anything. I want to do so much with it in order to help as many people as I can too. I know how bad my experiences with mental health were and I want to help everyone avoid that. Never be afraid to contact me on social media if you are struggling and want advice. I always answer my messages and any blog comments as soon as I see them. In the future I hope to expand my social media so much that I can start support groups on both Facebook and Twitter in order for everyone to discuss their problems together so that we can solve our issues together and beat everyone’s problems.
Thank you for reading guys. Thank you for all of the support.

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  1. This post is so open and honest, thank you for sharing all of this with us, Iā€™m glad social media has over all positively affected you and brought you your wonderful relationship! Xx

  2. Such an open and honest post. Iā€™m so glad to hear youre doing better now, and your relationship is going so well šŸ™‚ I hope it stays that way šŸ™‚

  3. Love your honesty. I thought it was very interesting to read that social media has helped you since most believe social media to be bad for our mental health. Blogging has helped me immensely with my post natal depression and anxiety, like you I’m blunt and honest with it. I think that helps too. Keep it up šŸ˜Š

  4. Hey Paul,
    My name is Chris and I am exploring the topic of social media’s effects on communication and overall mental health. I recently started a website to motivate me in my exploration I enjoyed your post and would like to invite you to have a conversation with me on my upcoming podcast. I think you have a great perspective on the subject! If you have any interest in discussing your thoughts/opinions, shoot me an email and we can further discuss.

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