Bad days are okay

Bad days are okay
Hey guys, I know if you have me on Twitter you would have probably notice me mentioning how bad my anxiety was on Wednesday. It really was just one of those days to be honest. I didn’t feel anywhere near my best but I was okay with this. In this blog I will discuss how crucial it is to understand that bad days are normal if you’ve battled any mental health issues or still currently suffer from them. Don’t be stressed over it because it is normal and I want everyone to understand that.

Anyone who knows me and sees the majority of my tweets knows I have so much positivity in my life right now and everything I say is so positive and full of happiness and passion. However, sometimes I do have an odd day here and there where I feel just horrific. I never really know why either but the main thing to understand is that this is a natural thing. Your battle scars from depression and anxiety will always be there and this is something you just need to understand and be prepared for.
I deal with my bad days by just resting as much as I can in bed. If this isn’t possible for you as you have a busy day the main thing I can suggest is to just focus on what you need to do and just battle against it. Always remember that you were strong enough to get to that day despite everything thrown at you and that you are far stronger than you can ever imagine. My advice to you would be to live your life no matter how you feel. Never let a bad day hold you back from doing anything you want.
2 ways I deal with my bad days are by watching funny Youtube videos or by gaming. Gaming helped me so much over the years during my struggles as games can just be a fun way to focus on something you love. In my house my PS4 is probably the most used piece of technology. I may not use it for gaming as much as I used to as BBC I-Player and Youtube are used a lot more now. I use these to catch up on some TV as well as listening to music or watching gaming videos on Youtube.
Another way I have dealt with my bad days is by talking about it openly on social media. I recommend using Twitter for this more as people are so much more understanding of mental health issues on there compared to Facebook. Within the last 2 days since I mentioned how bad I felt on Wednesday I have had so many replies or messages asking what was wrong and people hoping I was okay. I’ve never been so grateful for anything on social media before.
Due to this it is so handy to use it in order to engage with people who suffer from issues to do with mental health too. Remember despite feeling alone with your issues you will never be alone on social media. There will always be someone else suffering too and that’s why you should be more open about your struggles. People can also take inspiration from you and look up to you and that is such a special feeling for me too.
I hope you guys have enjoyed my little blog about bad days and I hope you all get through them every single time. Always remember to look out for people who openly admit they’re having a bad day. Your support can make them feel so much better.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I love that statement don’t let the bday days stop you from doing anything if I did I would never get out of bed . I hope you are in better spirits today

  2. I agree so much with this post! Resting days to just have some ‘you’ time are so so important. I’m trying to learn not to feel guilty for having them. I like to do things for myself like chill with a face mask on and have a cup of tea, watch my favourite films or TV series or YouTubers, and just generally chill out in bed to be honest. It’s so important to know that you can talk to people and social media can be a great way to interact, you’re not alone! x

  3. I hope you’re feeling a bit better. It’s so important that we reach out to people who are suffering. have a look at my latest post if you like ( I’m collecting tips on what to say to support a depressed person. Comment on the post if you have any! Thanks 😊

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