More About Me

More About Me
Hey guys I have had such a great start with blogging on WordPress. On Saturday I reached 3000 views and it was only my 38th day on WordPress. I am still in shock over this and as a result I want to thank you guys so much for all of the support you have shown me whether it has been through views of my blogs, comments on them, messages on Twitter or Facebook or anything like retweets. In this blog I will share some more facts about me in order for you to understand me so much more. I hope you enjoy this little factfile.

Fact 1- I am from Scotland and I have always lived in Glasgow. Glasgow is pretty cool and can be so interesting. I always see myself living here in my home city.
Fact 2- I am 23 years old. People always think I’m a lot older because of my look and how deep my voice is. I am so used to it though so I just laugh about it.
Fact 3- My date of birth is 30th May 1994.
Fact 4-I was born 13 days late. This is a reason I probably don’t sleep too much now. I slept in for so long before birth.
Fact 5- I am left handed. I never really mention this too much but I’m one of the minority who aren’t right handed. I find it pretty cool though.
Fact 6- I have fractured both of my wrists. I had fractured my left wrist when I was 6 and when I was 10 I fractured a bone in my right wrist twice and dislocated it. This lead to so much pain that meant I went into shock and turned so white. At the hospital I was taken first ahead of people who had waited for ages because of how bad I looked.
Fact 7- I have Asperger’s Syndrome. This is one of the more known things about me but only because I’ve mentioned it in blogs. When I was growing up, my friends didn’t know I had a disability at all. It has only been a few select people who have known. This is also because I have only recently became more comfortable when it comes to being open about it.
Fact 8- Depression has been something I suffered for most of my life so far but the worst of it only came in 2013. I was so up and down growing up but this was more because I couldn’t control my Asperger’s and due to bullying in school.
Fact 9- My Anxiety can get horrendously bad and it leads to me either being really shaky or being sick on the spot. This is why you should never forget about your own mental health. Things can be so dangerous sometimes.
Fact 10- I was ill for 16 months constantly due to the stress a girl caused me before. I still feel partly responsible for this as it was me who kept thinking she would change back into who she was at first. She was the one I turned to when I was suicidal and she helped me so much then but very nearly put me back there by blaming me for everything and by messing me around.
Fact 11- The relationship I am in just now has been my best and longest. I have been with Sophie since January 6th and we’ve been perfect together. We have made each incredibly happy and I hope it continues this way,
Fact 12-I don’t see the big fuss about marriage. This is only something I discovered while having major discussions with Sophie as she doesn’t see the fuss either. I have always believed that if something isn’t broke, you shouldn’t try to fix it and if a relationship is so great then marriage isn’t needed to make it anymore special than it already is. I also believe that the financial cost, time needed to organise everything and stress caused by planning just aren’t worth it. The money could easily be used to experience more together by going on holiday or just traveling around the country you live in.
Fact 13- I have never been on a proper holiday or abroad. In my lifetime I have only ever been down south to England a handful of times as well as going to different areas of Scotland. I was taken to Ireland on a boat when I was 2 or 3 by my auntie but I don’t count that as I was too young to remember anything about it.
Fact 14- I have never been on a plane. This like the last fact is such a shock for people as it’s something the majority of people have done. I am in the minority again but I am okay with that.
Fact 15- Being called weird is not an insult to me. I love doing things differently and being different to everyone else and this just means I am living my life the way I want so I am happy because of that.
Fact 16- Blogging isn’t something I’ve done for long. I only started blogging on Blogger on August 1st and switched over to WordPress on August 16th based on advice and recommendations I was given by people who were already bloggers and had used the site.
Fact 17- I am highly ambitious. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I hope to achieve so much with it but my high levels of ambition apply to more than just blogging. I always aimed for management eventually once I get started in a job and I always try my best to achieve what I want.
Fact 18- Everything I know about mental health has came from my experiences or other people’s. I have never studied Psychology or anything like that and I love learning from people as well as what I go through so I rarely look online for information regarding mental health. I have instead took what I know and used it in order to help myself as well as other people.
Fact 19- My sleep routine is abnormally bad. I just can’t keep a normal routine at all and this has been the case since I was 16. I don’t know why this happens but even when I am so exhausted sometimes I just cannot sleep.
Fact 20- I am an avid gamer. I have always played and loved video games growing up and even as a 23 year old now I still find hours to put into gaming. I enjoy Fifa and Rocket League most of all right now but I grew up playing Pokemon games, Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblade, Digimon, Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic and so many more. I will probably be a gamer for all of my life and I become so much more happy when I enjoy a good gaming session.
I hope you have enjoyed these 20 facts guys and getting to know more about me.
Thank you for all of the support in helping me reach 3K views as well as every goal I have set so far.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. We are enjoying our Blogging journey as well. We talk about ADHD and anxiety. The more I learn about Asperger’s the more I believe Nicole may have it. It is something I’m looking into more. She has a hard time in school, Hates Social interactions and is constantly being picked on at school because of her “weirdness” She LOVES minecraft and can get lost in it for hours.
    I enjoyed reading about your Asperger’s. I’m sure you have helped many come to terms with it!
    Keep blogging! We look forward to reading more.

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