Picture Perfect Blogging

Picture Perfect Blogging
Hey guys I just thought I’d share some ideas for things that could improve your experiences with my blogs and make them more enjoyable for you. I am delighted with how my blogging days have went so far and I’ve had tons of feedback that has helped so much. So much of it has been positive too so I must have learned about how to blog pretty quickly.
As I’ve mentioned before I aim so highly with my blogs. I have the ambition that I want to help as many people as I can recover mentally from their struggles. I feel like there’s so many things I need to do in order to achieve this. I have identified things that I am going to do and I will now go on to talk about them.
Step 1
I will be analysing my work so much more in order to find ways to add pictures in so that there isn’t just all text. I will always try to make my points clear and sometimes they require more information but I will break it up so much more with little things like pictures. I may only have the 3GB of media space to use as I use the free version of WordPress but that is still a lot of data to play with so I hope I manage to help you guys enjoy my content more successfully.
Step 2
I will be making my blogs a lot shorter. I have written some really long posts lately and I apologise if this was too much reading for you. I am going to spread out my ideas a lot more in order to make things easier for you guys and to allow you to focus and stay engaged.
Step 3
I plan on asking some questions here and there in my blogs so that the comments section is more of an opportunity to express your opinions as well as providing feedback to me. I always fully welcome feedback too so never feel afraid to comment on any of my blogs or to speak to me on Twitter.
Step 4
I will add more variety to my content. I will always be a mental blogger as that is what I am most passionate about but I will blog about other things too. I have a lot of ideas of what else I can discuss as well. Some of these ideas include things like talking about music, sport, traveling, general life and so much more.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this much shorter blog and look forward to a new, updated look on my blogs. I have came up with these ideas based on Twitter feedback and other blogger recommendations too.
Thank you for reading, your support is amazing.

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