Mental Health Stories-My New Series

Mental Health Stories-My New Series
So guys I feel like I have shared so many of my stories and talked you through my mental health journey and now I am looking to help others who aren’t 100% confident in sharing their story to get it out there. In this blog I will talk about how this series will work and what made me come up with it in the first place.

So guys I am sure that we can all agree on something:
Mental Health Matters
Mental health comes with such a stigma and it absolutely shouldn’t. I was judged so much when I was going through everything I have and I don’t even know why. The main reason I am doing this series is to get more stories out there from people who aren’t 100% confident or want it to reach more people. I fully understand how difficult it is to get the confidence in order to share your story. It has taken me until I started blogging in order to do it and I am so lucky I have.
This series will be uploaded just whenever I have been sent new stories to upload. There won’t be any particular pattern to the uploads as I could be sent them at any time.
All you have to do for your story to be shared is by sending it to me on Twitter- @PaulMcG1994. Just send me 2 DMs- 1 with the story and a following 1 saying whether or not you want me to post it anonymously. If you want me to share it with your name that is even better as it will help others know they can share their story too.
I hope you guys are up for passing on your stories to me. If there is ever anything you need to ask about my stories too just ask me through DM on the Twitter or through comments on my blogs.
I look forward to making a start on the series. Thank you for reading.

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  1. So true!! We need to share more and donโ€™t feel ashamed of our illness or who we are. So many see just our illness and forget we donโ€™t share to get pity, but to get understanding!! Love to follow your journey๐Ÿ˜‰

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