My Weekly Update 1

My Weekly Update 1
Hey guys, sorry it has been 3 days without a blog. This has only happened because I’ve had a below par week mentally and my sleep pattern is abnormally bad right now. I had written my last post about a series I plan on starting but I also wanted to start this one because I felt like I help you guys by talking on a week to week basis about the progress I have been making and how things can differ from week to week.

I will try to keep these updates as short and as sweet as I can. I’ve noticed a trend with blogging that keeping them brief is a good way forward and it makes them so much more engaging.
Anyways onto my week, I have had an unusually bad week by my standards. I know that sounds mental that someone who is normally super strong can be having such an off week but you need to understand and accept that we all have them. I think my anxiety has been so bad because of how little sleep I’ve had. Most days I’ve had small naps and that’s literally it. I also haven’t been eating properly because of this too and it’s just left me so drained.
Anxiety quote
Other things I have been doing include planning out new things with my blogs including the new series mentioned in my last blog and outlining the changes that I came up with in the blog before the last one. I feel like I have made changes that can take my blogs to the next level and hopefully now I can help even more people.
I have also been helping my girlfriend with her business by sorting out details to do with finance and customers while she was out doing work for other customers and this makes me feel great that I am helping her so much with it and that she is doing so well for herself.
Lastly I have now obtained Fifa 18 and I have been playing a lot of this since the early access came out on Tuesday. I feel like playing the game wil. keep me relaxed a lot more and I can progress over time due to this.
Fifa 18
I hope you guys have enjoyed my first weekly update. I plan on doing these on a Friday every week where possible.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I can really relate to the mental part here. Less sleep and food makes my anxiety grow too.. it’s like a bad circle. I get dizzy and my mood is so bad. Hope you’re getting better and thanx for sharing😉

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