Rest of 2017 Plans

Rest of 2017 Plans
2017 has been such an incredible year for me so far. In this blog I will write about what I plan to do with the remaining 3 months as well as summarising what I have been through so far in 2017. I hope you all enjoy my blog.

At the beginning of 2017, I met someone who completes me. On the 6th of January I met my girlfriend Sophie and we have been together ever since. This is now my longest and happiest relationship and I hope it lasts for life. I can’t get over the fact we have been together for 9 months on Friday as it has just flown by. Other things that I have done this year are turn 23, go some lovely new places in Scotland that I had never been to and so much more. I also started blogging in August and that has gone wonderfully for me. I have opened up so much in my blogs and I’m a much happier person for that.
My plans for the rest of this year are pretty realistic in my eyes. I have plans for a lot of things in my life for the rest of 2017 so here’s the breakdown:
Mentally I hope to keep consistent control of my anxiety as I have done so well and limited my bad days to a handful. I also aim to go the rest of the year without any panic attacks as I have had none all year.
With social media I have a couple of plans. I plan to hit over 10K followers on Twitter and I also plan to help more people out with their mental health issues. I feel like I have made a good start with both of these plans and that makes me confident that I can do more.
I also have blogging plans too. So far on WordPress I have had a fantastic start. I put most of this down to the incredible support you guys have given me as well as the work I have put in. I am currently close to 250 followers on here and my last blog hit 17 likes which is also a record for me. I aim to keep providing quality content that can go beyond what I have achieved so far and the support of you guys makes this mean so much more.
I hope you have enjoyed my summary of the year so far as well as my plans for the rest of 2017. Thank you for the support guys.
Thank you for reading.

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