Managing Your Emotions

Managing Your Emotions
Hey guys back with a blog for the 3rd day running and I want to write this one based on my experiences. I want write about how to manage your emotions effectively in order to keep control of things and to stay positive.

As people will probably be able to tell from my Twitter, I am emotionally explosive. This is just how I’ve always been as a person and due to it I have days where I’m just so fiery and ranty. I feel like I am also like this not just because of my Asperger’s but due to how passionate I get when I do things. Over time I have calmed down a lot though and I will now speak about why this has happened.
First thing I recommend is to avoid bottling up your feelings. Holding onto things can be so damaging and it’s better to get it out immediately whether this involves talking to friends, a partner or family or by talking on social media about it.
The second thing I recommend is by taking a rest where you can. Sometimes all you need to do in order to calm down is by lying down on the couch or in your bed with no lights on and no background noise.
The third thing I recommend is by finding a hobby to focus on. You will become distracted by doing something you enjoy and this can mean that you relax so much more. This is why I stick to gaming a lot. I just don’t think about anything other than that and I become so laid back due to it.
My last thing is that I focus on other people and their problems if they need someone to talk to. It is absolutely crucial to think about yourself sometimes but otherwise it can be such a rewarding feeling to help others and their happiness can make you feel better too.
Helping Hands
This has been my ways to manage your emotions. Thank you for all of the support on my blogs guys.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. This is very insightful. Much needed. I’m very explosive with my emotions too, and I try to control them but the tiniest thing can set me off. Good post!

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