How bad are indirects

How bad are indirects
Hey guys you may have seen this title and wondered what the hell I mean by indirects. What I mean by indirects is aimed tweets or Facebook statuses that don’t mention a specific person but are clearly about a specific person. I will now go on to express my opinion of these so I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

In my opinion, the drama caused by these is just so so bad and is absolutely not needed at all. They are most common after falling out between people or if someone does something that they don’t like. It is amazing how many times people have thought I have aimed things at them and I just sit there so confused because all I do with my social media is speak out about my opinions of something.
I hate drama and arguments more than anyone in the world and I have many reasons for this but my main one is that they have caused me so much stress than lead to me being ill for months. I have also suffered almost all of my panic attacks due to the stress put on me in arguments.
As you can probably tell my opinion of aimed statuses, tweets and drama in general is pretty strong. My advice to everyone would be to avoid people who cause drama because you absolutely don’t need it. I always say that a happy life is a drama free one and this is what I have now and funnily enough I am now happier than ever. I hope you can avoid the pain of these and stay well mentally.
Thank you for reading guys.
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  1. A life without drama means you are mostely alone😂😂 but I also hate drama. Ppl who write on Facebook to get attention , but “can’t” tell what’s going on!!! Then leave it out from social media!!

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