Why I am not doing Blogtober

Why I am not doing Blogtober
Hey guys we have reached October already and like me you may be wondering where on earth 2017 has went. I’m still brand new to blogging but I already know about Blogtober. This is where someone chooses to blog for every single day in October. This may sound easy but I guarantee you it would have taken me so much energy and thinking time to prepare blogs 31 days in a row. I will now go on to say why I am choosing not to do Blogtober this time around and I hope you guys understand my reason.

The first reason I am not doing it is that I have had a lot of days recently where I’ve just not been free at all. Although I am unemployed at the moment I still struggle to find days where I am completely free as I have a lot of things to deal with. My 3rd interview of the week is on Friday and other than this I have to look after the cat when nobody else is in, focus on making dinner and washing up when the time comes and also fit in other stuff like gaming and job hunting.
The next reason is that I don’t want to burn myself out of ideas. On Youtube I uploaded daily for so long and eventually it just killed off my ability to come up with fresh, new ideas on a constant basis as well as making me extremely tired. I feel like I can do so much more with blogging and I don’t want to ruin any opportunity of that.
My 3rd reason is that I don’t want to put all of my time into it. I have put in a lot so far but for me it’s a hobby and that’s how I want to keep it. I still want to put time into helping people in other ways as well as going places with my girlfriend and actually getting rest.
These are my main reasons for not doing Blogtober guys. I hope you all understand and still enjoy my blogs. There will be a blog tomorrow about my 2nd weekly update and another at the weekend but I’m not sure when yet.
Thank you for reading.

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