My Weekly Update 2

My Weekly Update 2
Hey guys, sorry there hasn’t been a blog for a couple of days but I thought I’d swap this series over to a Sunday as that day is the proper end to the week and it means I can review the full week that has passed by. It hasn’t been that busy a week but I will now go through what has occured.

So I will start from Monday. I had an interview in a place called Renfrew with a business called Thistle Recycling. I thought this little office job sounded so good but I then found out when I got there that it was in a creepy warehouse office that was like something out of a horror movie. I was interviewed by someone who was just so unbelievably awkward and this made things go so bad. I definitely knew afterwards that I wasn’t getting that job and I’ve turned out to be right.
Tuesday involved a quiet, little job centre appointment that was just as pointless as all of the other ones. It always goes the same way for me and I got so fed up with them ages ago. It was a chilled day otherwise and mentally I wasn’t too bad.
Wednesday involved my 2nd interview of the week. This was a lot better than the first interview. The 2 people I was interviewed by were so welcoming and friendly and I wasn’t nervous at all because of this. The interview was for McNicholas in Hillington which isn’t too far from me but unfortunately I didn’t get that one either.
Thursday was so quiet so there’s not much to say about that day. All I really done was play Fifa and write my last 2 blogs. Friday was a weird day. I was meant to have another interview in Hillington with a business called Wholesale Domestic but I learned that it was in their contact centre and involved tons of phone calls which my anxiety won’t tolerate. It’s always been so tough for me dealing with more than one phone call in a short space of time so I would never be able to do a job like that.
Another thing that I hate right now is the fact that due to me having a HND in Business and a HNC in Accounting, I am too overqualified in most peoples’ eyes for an apprenticeship but I am too inexperienced for a proper job so it’s such a dilemma. I know fine well I could do a great job for anyone but nobody will give me the chance to and it’s wasting my potential so much.
It was also my girlfriend and I’s 9 month anniversary on Friday too. I can’t believe it’s went by so quickly and I’ve loved every moment with her. The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet and I spent most of it watching football or playing Fifa.
This has been my weekly update 2. Thank you for all of your support.
Thanks for reading.

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