My Biggest Pet Hates

My Biggest Pet Hates
Hey guys I am back with another blog about my biggest pet hates in life. I look forward to reading your replies to this and also remember to leave your hates in the comments below. Thank you for all of the support on my blogs too guys.

My pet hates are:
Slow walkers
Spam calls/emails
Auto DMs
Indirect tweets/FB Status
People who run late on purpose when meeting you because they leave too late
Slow internet
People who don’t understand mental health issues
People who bring up your past and use it against you
People who believe what other people say about you without bothering to get to know you
People who think they are better than you
Materialistic people
Reality TV shows
Bloggers who don’t support other bloggers
This has been my biggest pet hates guys. Don’t forget to leave your biggest pet hates in the comments below. Thank you for the amazing support too guys.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. What I hate the most is ppl who talk about stuff they know absolutely nothing about. They tell you how to feel in a situation they never been in!! And I hate unfaithful and liars!! I want ppl that dare to tell the truth no matter what!!

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