What Works For Me With Blogging

What Works For Me With Blogging
Hey guys blogging has been so much fun for me in the time that I have been doing it. I have seen so many blogs and spent so much time reading loads too. The thing I love is that every blogger has different things that work for them. In this blog I will write about the things that work well for me.

The first thing for me that works is that I work at pace. When I think about creating a blog for too long my mind just goes so blank. I know most people spend hours on their blogs but for me it isn’t as long as that. I usually take an hour at most to come up with an idea, write about it, proof read my blog and post it.
The second thing that works for me is that I don’t have a blog schedule. Having freedom of when you have to upload blogs takes so much pressure off of you and not having to operate to a schedule makes your work so much more enjoyable and the quality improves so much. I firmly recommend this if you want to improve your content.
The third thing is that I advertise heavily on Twitter. Basically without Twitter there would be no point in me blogging at all because I wouldn’t have learned how to make my content better and I have picked up most of viewers from Twitter. It is a great site for bloggers to use and I recommend advertising through your tweets and building up your follower network.
The final thing for me is that I enjoy blogging so so much. If you don’t enjoy something you just shouldn’t do it. As I am so passionate about what I do, it makes it so much more rewarding for me and it brings the best out of me.
These have been the things that work for me. Thank you for all of the amazing support guys.
Thnak you for reading.

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  1. I do almost exactly like you. I blog when I feel like it, and some ideas just comes in a blink . And to not have a pressure on me to blog all the time makes my post more personal and real;) and ofc twitter changed a lot!!!

  2. I loved this blog post. I should be more like you. Blogging when I want.. Actually I mostly do that.. But maybe I should reduce it to 2 posts a week… At least your post made me think about it! 😉
    P. S. I also use Twitter a lot. I think it’s amazing how much you can build through it.

  3. I think scheduling posts etc takes the fun out of it . I pretty much do what you do . I also like creating graphics so it’s my excuse to do that . Like art therapy . Twitter works that is how I found this post . Keep up the great posts .

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