Being Mr Independent

Being Mr Independent
Hey guys thank you so much for all of the support on my blogs recently. In this one I will be talking about something else that nobody really knows about me. It is something people won’t suspect either because I am always so willing to help others. Stay tuned for my opinions, feelings and experiences.

The main topic of this blog is about how independent I am as a person. For anyone who doesn’t know I grew up around only my mum as she split up with my dad when I was 6 therefore I have had no father figure for most of my life. As a result of this I have had to learn most things on my own and recently it’s made me think about how often I feel uncomfortable when someone tries to offer me help with anything. I know that sounds odd and that I’m ungrateful but that’s not it at all.
I grew up being a loner most of the time so I always had to do things on my own and that is mainly why I love doing things for myself. I take so much pride in achieving my goals on my own too and this is why I’m so confident in my own ability.
With job things I’ve had people talk to me recently suggesting things I could apply for and as grateful as I am for their suggestions, I wouldn’t be proud of myself if I got one of those jobs because I didn’t find it on my own.
This has been me explaining a lot about how independent I am. I hope you all understand this and appreciate where I stand.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. I feel independent as well, although I take into consideration some advice sometimes. And sometimes reject it as well. Independence is about having that choice and it’s great to have one. There’s many people out there who extend this to professional careers – entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent contractors – all them doing things or their own. From the other hand – if someone suggests you a job, it usually proves they value your skills and see you as the best person for proposed position. And that’s actually your achievement, not anyone’s else. Although there’s no obligation to accept such offer if it isn’t suitable.
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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