My Weekly Update 3

My Weekly Update 3
Hey guys, sorry about the last 2 days not having blogs but I was busy with a couple of things as well as resting up a little when I could too. This week was a little busier than last and in this blog I will talk about what happened in the last 7 days.

At the beginning of the week it was fairly quiet. All I really done was get as much sleep as I could, watch Youtube videos and look after the cat. I needed the rest mentally to be honest as I wasn’t feeling too great. I spent a lot of the first half of the week feeling very sluggish to be honest and that isn’t fun at all.
I have posted a couple of blogs this week and I have enjoyed writing them even more than before. I feel super confident that I am doing the right things with my blog despite planning to start a series about the mental health stories of others and getting no information to use in order to start it. I still plan on it coming soon though so if you want that to happen quicker then I’d advise you to contact me with your mental health story and I can blog about it and get it out there.
This week I also helped my girlfriend out with the marketing side of her business as well as planning out a budget for both of us to stick to. We aren’t that well off currently so I want to make sure neither of us have to worry about money ever and I feel like planning out what we need to spend on helps so much.
On Friday, I also had an interview for a company called BeYonde Ltd. Having an interview on a Friday the 13th was terrifying as I also felt really sore and unwell plus I had to make my own way there alone as my girlfriend was busy working. I overcame that though and I feel so good that I managed to go on my own and cope with the claustrophobia that a busy bus into Glasgow city centre can cause.
I have also spent the weekend playing the weekend league on Fifa 18 too. It is so competitive and having to play 40 games of Fifa a weekend can prove so tough but I enjoy it a lot. I have won 24 of my 40 games this weekend and as much as I feel slightly disappointed I still improved on the 22 wins from last weekend so I have made some progress.
This has been my week guys. Thank you for all of the incredible support on all of my blogs.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. I know exactly how it is. Some days are just about rest and taking care of you!! So never say sorry for not doing things. I think we often say to much sorry for having mental illness and how it affect us:)

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