2 Months of WordPress-The Story So Far

2 Months of WordPress-The Story So Far
Hey guys I am back with another blog today and this one will be my story so far on WordPress. I started on August 16th so I thought 2 months on I would celebrate what I have achieved so far and what I aim to keep doing with my blogs.

It has been such an amazing journey so far and it feels like it’s still so early on too. I never imagined that I’d ever start blogging to be honest. I was always too afraid to come forward with my mental health journey but now with a huge thanks for the support from my girlfriend, I am able to speak openly whenever I want about my experiences as well as being open about depression or my Asperger’s.
I have achieved so much with my blogs and here is some of the things I have managed to achieve thanks to the amazing support of you guys:
4000+ Views
350+ Likes
Lots of supportive comments
10 award nominations for different small awards
Improved my mental health and confidence even more
Nearly at 10000 Twitter followers
These are some things I have managed so far and I appreciate the support of you guys so much because I wouldn’t have these without the support of you guys. Having such amazing support makes me so motivated to do way more blogs and also put so much time into helping other people with their mental health battles.
I aim to achieve so much more with blogging and I know I can with your support. I will always work to the best of my ability with blogging as I enjoy it so so much. Stay tuned for so much more from my blogs.
Thank you for the incredible support guys and thank you for reading my content.

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  1. This was wonderful to read, we have the same mental health issues as you, it’s extremely hard at times but well done for keep going through the tough times and carry on with the amazing work 🙂

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