Unemployment Problems

Unemployment Problems
Hey guys this is my 2nd blog of today but I thought I’d post this as people may not realise just how lucky they are to have a job as they don’t know what someone who isn’t working has to deal with. I hope you enjoy this blog and realise how I feel sometimes.

Keeping a sleep routine while being unemployed is absolutely impossble most of the time. Not having anything to wake up for is the main cause of this and tbh the only reason I’ve had a routine at all is because of my girlfriend having to be up early a lot to go and clean for customers.
It is so easy to get bored. There is only so much you can find to do and a lot of the time you find yourself on social media reading stuff you don’t even like or watching TV that you aren’t even interested in.
The word “experience” is like swearing. Every employer puts experience first these days and it’s so unfair because like myself, there will be others who can’t get any of it because of this.
Money saving is practically impossible. As I don’t work I am on Universal Credit which barely covers anything to be honest. I literally only get £251 a month and tbh most of it is gone as soon as juice, food and travel anywhere is covered. I am so glad I don’t need any new stuff to be honest because I have never been able to afford anything spare.
Job searching is so unbelivably draining. There is only so long you can spend glaring at a laptop screen while trying to find new jobs to apply for. I have applied for somewhere close to 4000 this year and in that time I have only had 14 interviews. This is so painful to know and there is some days for me where I just can’t handle applying for anything.
It is mentally tough to cope with unemployment. I am very strong as a person but even I have horrifically bad days with my mental health. Nobody with a job ever realises this because they assume working is more difficult than not working. It’s the other way around. Having a job is so easy compared to unemployment.
There is so many assumptions made about unemployed people. The best ones are that if you aren’t working you must be lazy, lack ambition and that you aren’t looking for work. I am by far one of the most hard working, ambitious people you will ever know of or meet and I get told constantly by my job centre advisor that I apply for more jobs than anyone else he sees.
This has been my unemployment problems blog. Thank you for the support guys.
Thank you for reading.

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  1. Keep up the good work Paul. The job market is a bit hectic at the moment, as you are probably more aware of than others. Specific trades allied to new builds are part to blame for this but the ancillary work associated with construction is really quite buoyant, have you considered this area? I wonder if you have offered your services on an unpaid basis for a short trial period, sometimes just getting your foot in the door is all it takes, this can be the difference kid. I know you were perhaps getting a wee bit hung up on your CV but like I stated previously it can be the simple fact of right time right place. Stay strong chara, good things happen to good people. And keep blogging… HH

  2. I feel this post in my soul haha! Just don’t let it get you down and always keep trying – stay positive and stay productive! Good things will come in good time. Hope it all works out for you 🙂

  3. I do feel for you. I am looking for work. I volunteer, I look after my bipolar and my children. That feels enough. I’ve been called lazy before. I feel bad for not having paid work. Not everyone is able to do full time work. I need part time because of childcare and my health. Take care and I’m glad your gf is there for you.

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