Why Is My Life So Positive?

Why Is My Life So Positive?
Hey guys how have you all been lately? I tweet a lot about how positive my life has been in 2017 and in this blog I will go through everything I done to let this happen. I firmly believe that the majority of happiness is purely down to your choices and coupled with a bit of luck you can have a great life.

The first thing I done was re-evaluate the people I was close to in my life. If someone isn’t that big a benefit in your life or there for you when you need them most just remove them from your life. You’ll find better people somewhere else.
The second thing I done was to stand up for myself when I wasn’t being treated right. If you treat people how they treat you it will make you feel so much better instead of just bottling everything up. Whether this means losing people because they can’t handle you giving them a taste of their own medicine or not is all up to their reactions but it’s not a loss if they go away.
The third thing I done was avoid drama. Drama is so negative and such a waste of time and energy. If someone in your life just brings drama constantly you absolutely do not need them at all. Always remember that a quiet life is normally a happy life.
The fourth thing I done was take better care of myself by putting myself first sometimes. It isn’t a bad thing to put yourself first. Self love is so important to maintaining a healthy body and mind and you need to allow time to yourself to have that.
The fifth thing I done was stop drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol when suffering with mental health issues is an absolute no go. Don’t damage yourself by wasting money and time drinking. I took that time to recover and it’s worked wonders.
The sixth and final thing I done was find myself someone who I just click with so well. My girlfriend has made such a difference in the 9 months we have now been together and it’s because I just feel so comfortable with her. I feel like I can be so open and I know she is always there for me. The person can even be just a friend but having at least one person who just gets you makes things so much easier.
Thanks for reading my blog guys. The support has always been amazing.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that your life has been so much more positive in 2017! I have to agree with you. Even though this month has been rough for me, I have been so lucky and blessed in 2017. I made a whole bunch of amazing friends, and have gotten to travel more than I ever have before. I hope 2018 brings even better things for the both of us! xxx
    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com

  2. These are all great steps that you’ve taken and I strongly believe they will have a long lasting impact on your life. Wishing you health and happiness! 🙂 x

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