My Weekly Update 4

My Weekly Update 4
Hey guys I am back with my first blog since Thursday. This is the 4th weekly update I have written and the reaction and support to the first 3 were absolutely amazing so thank you so much for that guys. Anyway, let’s get on with the update.

The start of the week was fairly quiet to be honest. It wasn’t like I done completely nothing because that’s not true. Early in the week is always fairly quiet for me because all it really involves is job hunting, blogging and looking after the cat. Part of me that people don’t understand is that just because I don’t work, I still do quite a lot of thinking and I’m never really just doing nothing.
Overall, I would probably say that the only time I’m not doing anything is when I sleep. I still need to remember to manage myself a lot better on a more consistent basis too as I used to burn myself out so much by doing too much in a short space of time. I am also always helping out my girlfriend with business related stuff too such as marketing and financial matters so I always an active thinker.
On Friday I went a random drive with my girlfriend and it was so nice. While on this drive to Stirling I recieved a phone call too and now I have my 15th interview in 4 months tomorrow. I will tweet about it so don’t worry guys you will know what happens. I feel confident about it but I really get anxious because I know none of the previous interviews have lead to anything yet. I always feel like the interviews go well but maybe I am doing something wrong. Will I ever know what? Probably not as it is always down to me having no experience in a working environment.
Anyway guys this has been my little weekly update. Thank you for all of the amazing support on my blogs and also for helping me hit 10000 followers on Twitter today.
Thank you for reading.

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