The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication
Hey guys I am back with another blog today and this one is about how important communication is. Communication is a big thing in life and things only go well when it is great and accurate. I will go on now to explain why it is so important to communicate effectively with people.

The first thing about communication to understand is that it is absolutely key in relationships and friendships. The amount of times I’ve had breakdowns in communication and the results have been fatal is unreal. With relationships the communication was lacking so badly in my first 3 but now I’m nearly 10 months into my 4th one and it works the best because we communicate about everything. It is a must to always make sure you explain how you feel clearly so that your partner understands fully and so that you both are always on the same wave length.
In my friendships, communication has been the big issue a lot. This has either been due to my Asperger’s being an issue as I can’t always put how I feel into words or the other person just hasn’t bothered to tell me there is an issue and has instead chosen to lash out at me for no fault of my own or something I didn’t know that I was doing wrong.
With mental health issues, communication is also vital. Speaking out is an absolute must as the longer you leave it, things get much more difficult and by not speaking out you could be missing out on help. I would probably be dead if I hadn’t told people about my issues with depression and suicide. It was only after I did that people became closer to me and helped me clear my mind and that’s when I began my road to recovery.
I’m not 100% all of the time now but by speaking out about my issues I have gave myself a longer life already. Always remember to communicate and never hide how you feel. It is so important.
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  1. Communication is the key yes. And one other thing is how you communicate . How you speak to another human will really have a reflect on how they respond.

  2. I’m sorry about your struggles with communicating. I can say that I’ve definitely experienced similar issues. You’re right, it’s so important to be clear about how you’re feeling. I’m writing a series on healing right now and my latest post touches on communication. Hope you’ll check it out!!

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