Why I didn't go to university

Why I didn’t go to university
When you are in high school, all of the talk is about wanting to go to university. It seems like such a wonderful thing when you are a few years away from it but closer to the chance of going my mind on it completely changed. In this blog I will talk about why I chose to not go to university. Stay tuned.

I didn’t feel smart enough
I grew up with incredibly intelligent people around me in school and I always felt so inferior to them because of that. This carried on in college too as I felt like I wasn’t as clever as those around me. I was so insecure about my own intelligence because I compared myself to them and this meant that I couldn’t go.
I was too unwell
My physical health was terrible throughout colllege. I struggled so much with sleep problems as well as very frequent sickness due to stress. Due to this and knowing I couldn’t ever miss a day at uni if I wanted to do well, I lost interest in going and instead chose to rest up over the summer when everyone else in my college class chose to go to different universities.
I was an absolute carwreck mentally while at college. I wasn’t in full control of my Asperger’s either and every day I felt like I was walking on broken glass. I needed some time on my own and at university I’d never have got that so I had to put my mental health first.
I had good qualifications from college that I wanted to get use of
I had just put 3 years in at college in order to achieve my HNC in Accounting and my HND in Business. I had felt like I could use these in the workplace in order to progress despite my anxiety and sickness issues. I didn’t want to just study constantly for any longer as I wanted to do something with my qualifications. I felt like work was a better option than university.
This has been why I didn’t go to university. Thank you for all of the amazing support on my blogs guys.
Thank you for reading.

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